Large bottle of Founders Más Agave with other cocktails
Cocktail Recipes: Mas Agave

Más Agave is fantastic on its own but it also makes a damn good mixer. We asked bartender extraordinaire, Nic, to whip up a few of his favorite Más Agave cocktails and he was kind enough to break down the recipes here. He even made a Más Agave margarita even though Más Agave is kind of a margarita to begin with. Nothing wrong with more tequila. Check them out below:

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Luke Effler Solid Gold skeleton artwork
Employee Artist Series: Luke E. and Solid Gold

We’re lucky to have some of the most talented people on staff at Founders. Not just in terms of beer (although we’re pretty lucky there too): from visual artists, to musicians, to writers to everything in between. We recently reached out to the artists on our team and asked that they submit their portfolios for a chance to create some original work as inspired by Founders beer. We selected our Cincinnati sales rep, Luke, as our first artist and commissioned him to bring Solid Gold to life. Read on to learn more about Luke, where he started and what inspires him:

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Bottle of Founders KBS
Coconut Macaroons with KBS Chocolate Drizzle Recipe

Once again, we reached out to our ultra-talented culinary team for our latest ‘made with beer’ recipe. This one comes courtesy of our Catering Supervisor, Eddie, and it has everything you’d want in a recipe, 1) KBS 2) Chocolate 3) KBS. Read on to get our super-simple recipe for Coconut Macaroons with KBS Chocolate Drizzle:

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Founders Earth Day announcement
Happy Earth Day!

Hello friends, happy Earth Day! We asked our Sustainability Coordinator, Liz, to break down some of our environmentally-driven partnerships and the work these organizations do to protect our planet. Read on: 

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Bottles of Founders beer
It’s Beeroscope Time

Ever lay awake wondering what beer is most compatible with your very special personality? Well, we looked to the stars and put together highly accurate beer matches to each zodiac sign. Read on:

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