Bottle of KBS Blueberry and snifter pour on table with blueberries and bottle caps

Cadre Update: KBS Blueberry

Hey Cadre!

Can you believe that KBS is turning 20 this year? Time sure does fly when you have an amazing beer. So, we wanted to celebrate KBS with a new variant, let us introduce you to…

KBS Blueberry 12oz Bottle


KBS Blueberry!

It’s time to celebrate two decades of barrel-aging imperial stouts with KBS Blueberry. In honor of the 20th anniversary of KBS, we’ve given this legendary beer a dose of Michigan blueberries. The alluring aroma of dessert brings you in, while layers of vanilla, coffee, chocolate, oak and bourbon barrel notes become more profound with every sip. A sweet and sophisticated tribute to a world-renowned beer. 11.2% ABV

Look out for KBS Blueberry in stores near you this August! If you can’t wait to try this beer, head down to the taproom on July 14 for your first pint!

We’ve shared this information first with you, The Cadre, so stay tuned to our social media channels for further updates!


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