All Day Haze

Session Hazy IPA

Jan-Apr, Aug-Dec

We often have our head in the clouds – and once again we came back down with an exciting idea: let’s take the drinkability of All Day IPA and bring it to a hazy! That’s just what we did with All Day Haze Hazy IPA. A substantial amount of oats and wheat lend a whimsical fogginess, while Citra, Simcoe and Amarillo hops create an explosion of aroma.  A sessionable, cloudy treat that can be enjoyed in any weather, hazy or otherwise.

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Draft beer glassDraft 15-pack of beer cans12oz
4-pack of 16oz beer cans16oz

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Dec 2 @ 10:52 pm
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Dec 2 @ 9:43 pm
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David L is drinking All Day Haze
Dec 2 @ 9:15 pm

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