At Founders Brewing Co., we continually challenge ourselves into places that most won’t go. We strive to be unique, to break barriers and challenge what is commonly accepted as the “norm.” It’s this mindset that has created our culture here at Founders and led us all to a lifestyle of no regrets. Why can’t we become who we choose to become?

Our collective goal is to be one of the most highly recognized and successful breweries in the United States.

An important part of reaching this goal is by recruiting, hiring and retaining unique individuals from a variety of backgrounds possessing broad and diverse skill sets. Quite simply, we believe that these people make the world a better place – and Founders a better company.

Our work community is made up of dedicated employees that bring their best to work every day to make the most delicious beer on the planet. To continually strive for greatness, it is essential for us to have a team that reflects the diverse communities we love, serve and to whom we raise our glasses.

We believe in fostering an atmosphere of empowerment and where every Founders team member can belong…bringing their full, authentic selves to work each and every day. It’s the Founders way. Sound interesting? If so, take the next step in becoming a member of the Founders team by checking out our open positions below.

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Founders employees in brewery
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Employee Benefits for all

Physical/mental wellness icon

Physical / Mental Wellness

  • HEALTH insurance benefits are offered to ALL employees including a NO cost plan. Our cafeteria style benefits include medical, dental, vision, life, short/long term disability, identify theft protection, critical illness/accident/hospital and pet insurance.
  • Employer Health Savings account contributions for eligible employees
  • We are partnered with an Employee Assistance Program and offer up to 7 FREE counseling sessions per issue per year for ALL employees and anyone living in the same household
  • On site flu clinics
Paid Time Away icon

Paid Time Away

  • We believe in work hard, play hard. Time away from work is critical and at times, necessary. We offer the following paid time off options for ALL employees:
    • Vacation
    • Personal
    • Sick
    • Holidays
    • Floating Holidays
    • Volunteer Time Off
    • Paternity Leave
  • For significant work anniversary milestones, we offer sabbaticals – paid time away from your job
Beer, food and fun icon

Beer, Food and Fun

  • We love to get together with our co-workers throughout the year and for this reason, we provide time for employee happy hours where we provide the beer, food, and general comradery
  • Internal Recognition including Employee of the Month & Employee of the Year rewards
  • Beer Giveaways throughout the year
  • Departmental gatherings and shenanigans
  • Annual Company Party
Money icon

Future Savings

  • We offer a 401k plan with a Company Match
  • Competitive wages
  • Incentives and bonuses
Apparel and beer mug icon

Beer and Apparel Discounts

  • Enjoy a discount to use in our Taprooms, Delis, and our Company Store
    • 50% off draft & packaged beer
    • 33% off everything else (food, apparel, etc.)
    • Free keg for your wedding or renewing vows
  • Special Founders gear offered to employees ONLY at a discount
  • $75/annually safety work boot reimbursement for Production & Retail employees
  • $100/bi-annually for RX safety work glasses reimbursement for Production employees
  • Every Production & Retail employee receives 5 work shirts annually
Heart icon

Give Back

  • We provide paid time away from work to volunteer in the community (Volunteer PTO)
  • We match employee donations via our Big Pitcher Program and guidelines
  • On-site blood drives

Principles of Founders

These principles reflect the ethos and culture of Founders that has developed organically since the brewery’s early days. They are guidelines for decision-making, problem-solving and other actions, for all members of our brewery. We are all brand ambassadors, representing this brewery and one another, and we wanted to document what has made us strong thus far as we continue on our journey.


Come as you are. We brew beer that we want to drink, but that doesn’t mean that we’re all the same or that everyone has to like every beer that we brew. Each person’s values, interests and palate are all part of who they are. We respect individuality. There is no “Founders Lifestyle.” There are individual lifestyles.


Be honest and genuine, and we will respect you for it. We’d rather pass our time with someone genuine, authentic and unconventional than with a people pleaser. We don’t hide things in our beer, and we don’t hide who we are or what we do. It’s all about transparency.


Live your dream and share your passion. Brewing great beer and sharing it with beer enthusiasts is our collective dream. As individuals, we each have personal aspirations and dreams. Everyone is a badass. Choose your own adventure. Pursue your dreams; live them.


Our employees are at the core of this brewery. United by a passion for great beer, we are always there for one another, and we recognize that Founders as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We’re all in this together. Every single person has a role to play in making this brewery run. This thing that we’re a part of is bigger than any one of us—it’s bigger than the number of barrels that we brew or the size of our staff. Just like the bonds of a family.


Diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives inspire us. We are strengthened when we attract, develop and retain a group of employees that reflect the diversity of our community and our beer enthusiast customers.


Live in the moment. Look at challenges as opportunities. Never forget that good beer is a connector of people – because we make amazing beer, we all get to be a part of life’s celebrations and of making memories.


We take our beer seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously. Beer isn’t pretentious. At our taproom, titles are left at the door, and anyone who works here—from brewery owner to new packaging employee—should feel comfortable sitting down at the bar next to a fellow co-worker and striking up a conversation.


Hard work and dedication pay off in the form of consistent world-class beer in the hands of all craft beer enthusiasts. We take pride in everything we do and that we don’t take any shortcuts. We don’t compromise our process, our service or our tactics. There isn’t a lot of glamour in making, selling or serving beer, but, when executed correctly at all levels, the result is a celebration.


We’re thankful for both the environmental and social communities that allow us to make great beer. We respect and are cognizant of the positive and negative impacts of our work. It’s part of our jobs to promote a responsible beer culture. We will do everything we can to amplify the positive aspects of being a brewery in Grand Rapids—by giving back and supporting local environmental, recreational and arts organizations—and to minimize the negative environmental effects of brewing beer.

Purposeful Progress

While we stay true to our roots, we are dedicated to evolving, improving and building upon our craft, every day. We never stop working to better ourselves, as individuals and as a company.

Open Positions

Founders Brewing Co. is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. We provide equal employment opportunities to all qualified employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, religion, sex, age, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation, citizenship status, veteran status, disability or any other legally protected status. We prohibit discrimination in decisions concerning recruitment, hiring, compensation, benefits, training, termination, promotions, or any other condition of employment or career development.

If you require reasonable accommodation in completing this application, please reach out to