4 Giants Starcatcher Haze

The power of Greta Van Fleets Rock N’ Roll in a hazy beer? We’ll take it!

Now, let’s start from the beginning of how this collaboration started. The band has been a huge fan of the craft beer industry and they’ve done smaller collaborations in the past with breweries when they’ve been on tour. For their new album, they wanted to work with a bigger brewery that is from their home state, Michigan. They wanted to co-create a beer that matches their taste while also helping out the community. And that is how we came up with 4 Giants Starcatcher Haze!

Greta Van Fleet and 4 Giants Starcatcher Haze

To celebrate this collaboration with Greta Van Fleet we will be having a party at our taproom to celebrate this beer on August 5! We will be having special merchandise and the best part of it all…Greta Van Fleet ticket giveaways! Now that’s the perfect reason to come celebrate with us, and of course, to try Starcatcher Haze.

In connection with the collaboration, $1 for every pint or package sold of Starcatcher Haze will be donated to Freshwater Future up to $20,000! Freshwater Future helps protect the waters of the Great Lake regions and of course, the animals that live in these waters. Michigan has 20% of Earth’s freshwater and it’s important to keep the water safe for everyone, whether it’s for drinking, eating the fish, or just going for a swim.

If you want to be the first person to hear Greta Van Fleets new album “Starcatcher”, you can pre-order/pre-save it here!

4 Giants Starcatcher Haze will be in selected states: DC, IA, KS, KY, IL, IN, MD, MI, MN, MO, NE, NJ, OH, PA, TN, VA, WI, WV

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62 Comments on “4 Giants Starcatcher Haze”
  1. Kelly M

    How exciting! Will this be a ticketed event at the taproom? Or open to the public?

    • Sarah Mitchell

      Open to the public!

  2. Jennie

    How old do you have to be to attend this event ?

    • Sarah Mitchell

      All ages!

  3. Adriana

    Omg! I’m totally coming in from Ohio for this one.
    Greta Van Fleet beer party!

  4. Melanie Negley

    We need to be able to order on your sight! For those of us who are not in one of your release states. Love the can art!!!

  5. Robert Nolan

    When will these be available for purchase in Ohio? Can’t wait

    • Sarah Mitchell


  6. Catherine Ruffus

    Looking forward to finding it in Cleveland, Ohio!!!

  7. Sheila Watson

    Where as a Canadian can I order a can?

    • Sarah Mitchell

      This beer will only be sold in the selected states.

  8. caroline Brant

    I live in Canada. Is there a way I can order to a friends house in Michigan. Or will it be available at party stores? Awesome idea. You guys are great to team up with GVF

    • Sarah Mitchell

      Your friend can pick some up at stores when it hits the shelves in August !

  9. Diane Hooker

    Please sell in Florida!

  10. Karen Leppard

    Not available in my state Texas. Can we buy some and have it shipped?

  11. Chad Pattullo

    No mail order to California?

  12. Sarah

    What time is the event on the 5th?

    • Sarah Mitchell

      11am and will go all day.

  13. Gretchen Melton

    This is amazing! I can’t wait to sip this beer! Hallelujah!

  14. Skylar A.

    Is it going to be possible to get it shipped to Texas? Or will it just be in stores in those states?

    • Sarah Mitchell

      Only available in the selected states.

  15. Donna Williams

    Store locator for purchase?

  16. Karen R

    Please sell it in Arizona!!!

  17. Jonathon

    Any chance of shipping some to Texas? I’d absolutely love to have this.

  18. KC

    Will you all have a list of stores in each state carrying this beer?

  19. Patty C

    Hopefully it makes its way to Massillon, Ohio!
    Can’t wait for this release – I’ll have to have my first sip listening to Starcatcher

  20. Daniel Chisnell

    I’m in love with Founders and GVF and cannot wait for this release! I’ve seen Greta van Fleet 34 times and counting!

  21. Heather

    Is it possible to order these at all online for shipping? I live in CA and cant travel for them:(

  22. Sani

    I don’t suppose I can order some from Australia?

  23. emily bowler

    I just turned 21 yesterday perfect timing for GVF ipas!!!!!!

  24. Jamie Anderson

    Hi this looks amazing! Will there be a cap on how many can attend the event? I’m curious if I flew out, that I would be able to attend/join

    • Sarah Mitchell

      There is no cap on how many people can attend the event

  25. Nicola Bryant

    Can we buy in the UK?

    • Sarah Mitchell

      This beer is only available in the selected states.

  26. Taylor

    When will be be able to find out what stores this will be located in, in the listed states?

  27. TRACY Rhoads

    Can I Buy the Greata V as n Fledt IPA I do not live in as STATE th as t sells it

  28. cass casey

    any chance of somehow getting this in Texas?

  29. Paul Kirwan

    I’m in the UK.. Will I able to order the beer ?.. cheers

  30. Lisa

    Looking for information to purchase this Starcatcher Haze in Ohio! Great donation to Freshwater Future!

  31. Wendy Settlemire

    Where in VA will this be available? We have several breweries in Hampton Roads.

  32. Robin

    Hope the new beer make it to Singapore 🙂

  33. Rita Gleason

    Yeah! PA is on the list. The Philly Peaceful Army is pumped!!!

  34. Sarah Barlow

    Ouuu I have the ones from last tour. They got hand delivered by the owner who drove them here from an hour away. Makes you wonder how many they hand delivered. Wonderful company.

  35. Harley Halderman

    Can you make these available in Northern California please. I love Greta Van Fleet and I would love to try this!

  36. Denise Jurgens

    Awesome! Wish we could get some in Arizona! 🥺

  37. Lisa Welsh

    When will they be available in PA? And where?

    • Sarah Mitchell

      It will be available in August.

  38. Carly Quirk

    Is there anyway to order online if you are living in the Pacific Northwest?

  39. Sharon Ruckdeschel

    Not New York??? 🥹🥹🥹. Can you tell me what locations in New Jersey? Thank you!!

  40. Zach Taylor

    Will this drink be available at the shows?

  41. Elaine

    Please forward to GVF …

    Not a teenage groupie, I’m actually 67 years old 🤣

    I heard this amazing instrument and it SCREAMS Greta Van Fleet intro✨


  42. Alissa Cannon cannon

    I NEED someone to get me some and ship it when it comes out! 🥺

  43. Tina Bazell

    This is awesome! I live in Sarasota, Florida, when will this be available for purchase in my area, or to order?

  44. Maureen Finnegan

    Please distribute in Tampa Florida. We would love to try it.

  45. Jenna

    Will the beer be sold in Wichita, KS?

  46. Grace

    Which stores will carry Starcatcher Haze??

  47. Laura Bellini

    Do you sell this beer in Europe?

    • Sarah Mitchell

      No, only the selected states.

  48. Jen

    What time will this be?

    • Sarah Mitchell

      The party starts at 11am

  49. Taliyah

    Can we order them from another state or is it only in stores 😭 crying because it’s not in Florida it’s literally 2 weeks before my birthday too 😭😔

  50. kenny major

    I need this to hit NC!!!

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