All Day IPA cans from 2009 to 2024

All Day Refresh

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

It all started in 2009. Our Brewmaster, Jeremy Kosmicki, wanted a beer that was easy to drink, light in alcohol, yet just as flavorful as a full-bodied IPA. Try as he might, he just couldn’t find one to fit that specific criteria. So, he did as any good brewer would, and set out to brew the beer he wanted to drink.

20+ recipes later, he landed on a perfect, full-flavored, easy to drink low-ABV IPA. Although, it wasn’t quite an IPA – it was more of a hoppy pale ale. A ‘session IPA,’ if you will. Because you could drink a few and not be absolutely sloshed, he dubbed it ‘Endurance Ale.’ It was an immediate hit in our taproom.

We decided to package Endurance Ale in 2011 and, as the first bottles were getting ready to ship out, we ran into a bit of rights issue. The name ‘Endurance Ale’ had to go, so we reached out to our fans to help us to choose its new name and label artwork. Having served as the descriptor on the original Endurance Ale label, ‘All Day IPA‘ was born as was the memorable label artwork depicting a Woody wagon rolling down a two-track. All Day IPA was official and beer fans loved it.

Fifteen years later, All Day IPA is our largest, and arguably, most well-known brand. It’s the beer that introduces most people to our brewery and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The packaging artwork has changed over the years, but the high quality beer has always stayed the same.

Did that make anyone else thirsty? Or is it just us? Look for All Day IPA near you via our beer finder!

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