Hoppy Doesnt equal Bitter. All Day variants
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Hoppy doesn’t = Bitter

How many of you have thought that all IPA’s are bitter just because they are hoppy? We are thinking quite a lot of you thought that. But we are here to get the record straight. Hoppy doesn’t = bitter!

There are many more attributes that go into an IPA such as: citrus, grassy, tropical fruits, lemon, pineapple, and orange. Now that sounds like a delicious beer to us. But let’s get to the main point, why are some IPA’s hoppy and others are not?

The two main attributes that hops influence are taste and aroma. Some hops can cause bitterness and others that are more for aroma. When the hops are added to the kettle they make the beer bitter, while hops added after the kettle when the beer is fermenting add to the aroma.

All Day IPA: Refreshing citrus, floral, and tropical fruit notes, with moderate bitterness and a clean finish

All Day Haze: Fruit cocktail aromas of orange, pineapple, and peach with subtle pine and floral notes. Light bodied with low bitterness and a glowing haze

All Day Chill Day: Lemon with subtle pineapple, floral, pine and cereal notes. Light sweetness, moderate bitterness and a crisp finish

All Night IPA: Chocolatey sweet aromatics with pine and orange hop notes. Moderate bitterness with a soft, light mouthfeel

See that wasn’t too bad! Now you can enjoy an IPA and let others know that they aren’t as hoppy as they may seem.


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