Different types of glassware to have beer in
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Beer Glassware

Who knew that you could have a beer in so many different glasses? And how do you know what beer goes in which glass? Well, we are happy you stumbled upon this blog because we are about to educate all those wondering!

Tulip SnifferUsually for most Belgian styles, IE saisons and Belgian blonds and also used for IPA’s.

Teku Glass– A versatile tasting/ sampling glass. Also used for IPA’s as it very effectively captures and focus’ aroma.

Nonic Pint– Are suitable “everyday glasses” but often associated with Irish ales of all kinds.

SnifterMostly High ABV styles, Barrel-Aged beers, imperial stouts, Barley Wines, etc.

GobletBelgian trappist and abbey ales including Belgian pales, Somewhat of a display glass like the pilsner but with more malt variety.

Pilsner GlassMade for all styles pilsner, German Czech, bohemian.

Now that you know about beer glassware we hope you can enjoy your beer a little more and educate others.


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