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Exploring Hoppy Mood: A Delicious and Refreshing Hop Water 

We’re here to shed some light on our latest release, Hoppy Mood. Hoppy Mood is everything your favorite bubbly water wants to be, crafted with the finest hops while keeping you hydrated all day long.      

“I’m a big hop fan, so it’s great having a beverage that has all those wonderful aromas and flavors but is refreshing and light on the palate,” says Jeremy Kosmicki, our Brewmaster. 

What Exactly is Hoppy Mood? 

First things first, Hoppy Mood is a hop water. Hop water does not contain any alcohol. It is simply made up of carbonated water, hops, and natural terpenes (we’ll get into terpenes later). Hop water is not beer, and it is not fermented.  

We do, however, use similar brewing techniques to make it. First, we remove all the oxygen from our treated brewing water, then we adjust the pH with citric acid to add a touch of sourness to get the optimal flavor extraction from the hops. Next Mosaic, Amarillo, and Simcoe hops steep in the tank for several days.  

Once all the desired fruity and piney aromas are extracted from the hops, we remove them and add a small, but potent, amount of natural terpenes.  

Terpenes are aromatic compounds found naturally in many familiar plants and fruits – such as lavender, basil, blueberries, lemon, hops, and cannabis. In Hoppy Mood, we add natural terpenes that give grapefruit and pine flavors. These flavors, coupled with those from the hops make for quite an exciting drinking experience.  

What Does Hoppy Mood Taste Like? 

Hoppy Mood delivers a burst of clean hop aroma with a crisp bubbly finish and zero bitterness. The hops combined with the natural terpenes give aromas of grapefruit, pineapple, pine, and a bit of dank woodiness. Those that enjoy IPA’s will welcome the familiar flavors while those that despise IPA’s will be pleased by the bright fruit flavors and lack of bitterness.  

Why Drink Hoppy Mood? 

  • Hydration – Hoppy Mood is almost completely made up of water! That means you can drink it anytime you normally reach for sparkling water – at lunch, after a workout, or in the car. 
  • Non-Alcoholic Alternative – With zero alcohol and calories, Hoppy Mood is a flavorful reminder of your favorite brew, but without the buzz. 
  • A Break Between Beer – Our Brewmaster’s favorite way to drink Hoppy Mood. Between each beer, enjoy a can of Hoppy Mood to stay hydrated and levelheaded. 
  • Potential Health Benefits – Hoppy Mood is made with hops and natural terpenes, both of which contain compounds that may offer health benefits. While more research is needed, studies suggest that hops and terpenes can offer calming effects, which could contribute to overall well-being. 

Do you feel like a hop water expert yet? At the very least did this blog make you thirsty?  

Look for Hoppy Mood near you via our beer finder, http://bit.ly/FindFBC 

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