beer vs seltzer ingredients landscape 1
Beer VS Hard Seltzer
Hard seltzer and beer are more alike than you’d imagine. Let’s take a look at the key differences that separate the two types of alcoholic beverages we create here at the brewery.
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Skyshift and Ginger Smiles bottles side by side
Crafted In Michigan Collaboration Series: Ginger Smiles & Skyshift

We’re pleased to announce the next two entries in our Crafted In Michigan Collaboration Series –  a series that seeks to highlight local Michigan artisans and craftspeople and celebrate them with amazing brewing collaborations. This time around we’re featuring incredible artists from both sides of the state – Arsenal Handicraft and Esan Sommersell – so let’s dive in!

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Star Wars X wing made from a 15-pack carrier
Star Wars Day: 15-Pack X-Wing Template

All wings report in!

Have you ever wanted to join the Rebel Alliance or build your own X-wing starfighter but found yourself inconveniently living in reality? Well, you’re in luck, pilot! Now you can build your own squadron with our handy-dandy and easy-to-make X-wing template and an empty cardboard 15-pack:

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hammocking in the woods
M22 All Day Giveaway Contest

We love exploring the outdoors and so do our friends at M22, that’s why we’ve partnered together to give 25 of you an incredible outdoor prize pack! On the trail, the water, the mountains or any place in-between we want you to snap a photo with All Day IPA or All Day Vacay along the way for a chance to win an exclusive prize pack valued at over $500.

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all day virgo instagram 1
Beeroscopes 2021!

We set out to find the biggest names in astrology to help pair our beers with your very distinct and unique astrological personality. Unfortunately, they were all on vacation or traversing mystic realms so we had to do it ourselves. It’s not easy but we think we did alright.

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man displaying five snifters on tray and reaching through window
Introduction to Our Sensory Program

How do we ensure each and every All Day IPA is just as tasty as the one that came before it? A team of highly-trained Founders employees who make up our sensory panel (along with rigorous microbiological and chemical testing), that’s how. Learn more about this incredible process from our Sensory Specialist, Jason V., below:

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