The Big Pitcher

We are happy to announce the launch of our corporate giving platform, The Big Pitcher!

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We’ve long recognized the importance of giving back to the Grand Rapids community that has supported us since we were a fledgling brewery. Over the years, a trend emerged in our giving and, in 2017, we decided to formalize it into what we’re calling The Big Pitcher.

At the national level, we are partnering with the Conservation Alliance, an organization whose vision it is to protect and restore America’s wild places.

At the regional level, we will continue to give to causes that fall under the categories of social justice, environmental, arts & culture and active lifestyle.

On a local level, we will support various local organizations on a month-by-month basis, leveraging the Founders Family and the local community to help with volunteering efforts, service days, fundraising and more. Additionally, we’ll match all employee donations to various local organizations. Some of those organizations include:

We’ll be updating you throughout the year with ways in which we’re giving back and how you can help. In the meantime, know that when you support Founders, you’re also supporting our efforts to improve this world for future generations.

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  1. Christina

    Love all you do! Way to keep kicking butt.

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