Homebrewers: Send Us Your Questions

Calling new and seasoned homebrewers alike!

This Saturday, May 5, is National Homebrew Day, and we want to celebrate by having our resident homebrewer share some of his knowledge with you! Post your homebrew-related questions in the comments below and our Microbiologist (and all-around great guy), Wade, plus our Brewing Manager (also great guy), Adam, will be answering them via Facebook Live/Instagram Live on Friday, May 4 at 9:30am EST.

Here’s some advice (plus a recipe) he and our Brewing Manager Adam Schmitt, shared a few months ago for National Learn to Homebrew Day.

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8 Comments on “Homebrewers: Send Us Your Questions”
  1. Scott Bryant

    Can you boil a whole orange (peel intact) and get the same result or better than using dried orange peel or fresh zest?

  2. Timothy Phelps

    When bottling with new bottles to sell, do they need to be sanitized as long as they stay dry before bottling? and if so what is the easiest process of sanitizing a large quantity (like 240)?

  3. Nick Rodammer

    A couple questions…

    First, roughly what kind of utilization do you see in your whirlpool hop additions, and for your IPA’s (especially newly designed recipes), are you relying on them for a significant portion of your overall target bitterness typically?

    Second, can overpitching and overoxygenting a very healthy/viable pitch of yeast actually negatively affect yeast vitality or negatively impact the growth phase? I recently had a higher gravity beer that had very short lag and very vigorous fermentation, but took far longer to hit the limit of attenuation after the initial peak in fermentation activity, and I’m wondering if those two factors could have had anything to do with it.

  4. Matt Shearer

    How can you make your IPAs more hazy?

  5. Boaty McBoatface

    Can you share anything about the ‘4 imported Belgium malts’ used in Red’s Rye?

  6. Mike Urban

    Do you feel the lack of diversity w/in the homebrewing community and craft brewing industry will continue to limit both innovation and market growth? What is Founders doing to promote inclusion w/in the brewing community as a whole? I, for one, feel uncomfortable when a vast majority of individuals sitting in craft breweries, attending beer festivals or partaking in homebrew competitions are white men (weirdly almost always w/ beards).

  7. Alright Mister

    When will the NEIPA die already?

  8. Larry vanderwoude

    Why do octoberfest beers seem to have more carbon and “fountain” when I open them. I have this happen on most Octoberfests. The lagers, ales, Pilsners, double bocks and wheats I don’t have the issue.

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