Detroit Taproom

The city of Detroit and Founders have a lot in common – we hit rock bottom and we bounced right back. It took years of hard work, tenacity and a regret nothing attitude, but we did it and we see those struggles reflected in the struggles and ultimate triumph of Detroit.

Our Detroit taproom in the Cass Corridor neighborhood has become a second home in the beautiful city of Detroit. Learn more and keep up on all things Founders Detroit here.

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2 Comments on “Detroit Taproom”
  1. inishkeel

    I hope with the addition of more capacity by adding the Detroit plant that you be able to serve Minnesota, or at least the Twin City metro area, more. I make this comment with particular reference to the seasonal and one-off beers. If we like it on first try it’s hard to get back to the store in time for a second pick up before they run out. We are big fans here and wonder whether our quota is being hijacked by those cheese-heads next door. Thanks.

    Patrick L Coleman

  2. Drinking a Centennial I.P.A. as I text, really smooth and refreshing even if it is 100 degree’s outside!

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