Contract Brewing at Avery

As our volume continues to grow, so does our need for production solutions outside of our Grand Rapids facilities. In finding a solution, we worked with our friends at Avery Brewing Co. in Colorado to make this happen!

Beginning in 2019, we will start contract brewing All Day IPA at Avery. The beer made at Avery will head west, providing our West Coast customers with the freshest product possible. Rest assured, anything created with the Founders name on it will be just as delicious and consistent with product coming out of Grand Rapids. Our production team has completed a number of quality checks at the Avery facility. We’re confident in their system’s ability to replicate All Day IPA.

This marks an exciting chapter in Founders’ history and, in a way, kind of brings our story full-circle. The last time we contract brewed was when we brewed our first batch back in 1997!

15-pack cans and kegs will begin shipping in early 2019.
Cans of Founders All Day IPA


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4 Comments on “Contract Brewing at Avery”
  1. Cody

    No thank you to corporate beer, even if it’s brewed by an institution like Avery. Can’t sell the stuff anymore if ownership isn’t independent from macro investors.

  2. L.D

    I think its great that you are looking into ways to supply great beer to everyone! Right on!!! I’ll drink it, sell it and recommend it “ALL DAY” everyday! WELL DONE MY FRIENDS…. well done…

  3. Eddie Gandy

    Thank you for your work! I am looking forward to your event in Miami Your bear is ane of the best!

  4. John Gress

    I think having Avery brew All Day is a great idea. This should give you more space to brew new beers. I really enjoy your beers and look forward to what is to come.

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