We’re Headed to Detroit!

Dave and I have always considered our taproom the heart of the brewery, the place where the Founders culture and spirit is most alive, the thing that consistently reminds us of why we embarked on this journey in the first place. It is there where titles are checked at the door and you can rub elbows with some unlikely characters (and find you have more in common with them than not). It is a place where a love of great beer, delicious food and a good time is all that’s needed to enjoy. It’s our home and all are welcome in it.

We have a strong love for our hometown of Grand Rapids, but more than anything, we’re Michiganders with a strong love and commitment for our beautiful state. Out of that commitment comes our decision to open a second taproom location in Detroit and let our fans on the east side of the state experience the something special that takes place in our taproom day in and day out.Dave and Mike cheers with Founders All Day IPA

The city of Detroit and Founders have a lot in common – we hit rock bottom and we bounced right back. It took years of hard work, tenacity and a regret nothing attitude, but we did it and we see those struggles reflected in the struggles and ultimate triumph of Detroit. And the people that live there? Tough-as-nails, industrious, culturally diverse, passionate and incredibly vocal about their love for Founders. This taproom is for them.

Our taproom will be located in the lower Cass Corridor neighborhood, an area rich with history and ripe for a turnaround. It will be within walking distance to sports arenas, music venues and more. In fact, it is directly behind one of Detroit’s oldest and most storied buildings, the Detroit Masonic Temple, which is one of the most popular venues in the city.

We’re not looking to build a carbon copy of our home-base taproom here in Grand Rapids. There are few other cities who know who they are as much as Detroit does and we want that confidence and attitude to inform the feel of our Detroit taproom. While we’re still in the process of developing menus, building design, layout and logistics, we expect there to be some parallels, but without the cookie-cutter franchise feel.

Construction will start this summer and we aim to open next winter. Here’s to the next chapter in Founders history – we’re sure it’s going to be a good one.


Mike Stevens, Co-Founder and CEO


Q: What are we doing?
A: Strengthening our commitment to our beautiful home state of Michigan and opening a 14,000 square foot second taproom facility in the lower Cass Corridor neighborhood of Midtown, Detroit, MI.

Q: Why are we opening a taproom in Detroit?
A: Our commitment to our home state of Michigan was established long ago and we intend to continue fulfilling it, even as our reach elsewhere increases. We have toyed with the idea of opening another taproom for years now and, when finally moving forward, it was a no-brainer choosing Detroit as the city to host it. Not only do we have tons of fans on the east side of the state, we also have a personal history and love for Detroit. Both our Culinary Director and Vice President of Retail Operations hail from metro Detroit and have long been petitioning that we deepen our roots there.

While our Grand Rapids taproom is and always will be home to us, we feel it is important to spread the Founders love and allow even more of our fans the opportunity to experience drinking from the source themselves.

Q: When are we doing this?
A: Construction should start in summer 2017, with the grand-opening taking place sometime in winter 2017.

Q: Where exactly is the taproom located?
456 Charlotte St. Detroit, MI 48201.

Q: What will the taproom experience be like?
A: We are in the initial planning stages so there is not much information to share at this point, but we will keep you all updated as the project progresses.

Q: Will the taproom be modeled after the Grand Rapids taproom?
A: The Detroit taproom will certainly take inspiration from the Grand Rapids location, but it isn’t intended to feel like a duplicate of it. We recognize and appreciate that Detroit and Grand Rapids, despite being in the same state, have a number of distinctions and our intention is to celebrate and embrace those. Every effort will be taken to ensure that the Founders culture represented in the Grand Rapids taproom comes through just as passionately in our Detroit location.

Q: Will we brew at this location?
Yes, we plan on brewing at this location and will create beers unique only to it. In addition to those, we will also offer our year-round, seasonal and specialty beers on tap as well. Our Barrel-Aged Series beers will be on tap depending on availability.

Q: How are we staffing this location?
A: We will open up a select number of positions internally to our current staff however the vast majority of jobs will be new hires and filled locally – we anticipate over 100 new jobs total. This process will extend from summer 2017 through winter 2017.

Q: How will this impact the local economy?
A: Not only will the presence of this taproom create jobs in Detroit, we anticipate it will drive in more traffic to the lower Cass Corridor neighborhood. Located adjacent to arenas and music venues, the location is already seeing the beginnings of revitalization and we strive to be at the forefront of it. Our Grand Rapids location helped to spur the revitalization of the downtown neighborhood it is located in and we anticipate the same will happen in the lower Cass Corridor.

Q: What construction company are we working with?
A: We have not selected yet, however that process will start soon.

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44 Comments on “We’re Headed to Detroit!”
  1. To Mike, Dave, & the entire Founders Family –
    As a born as raised west sider (Grand Haven) and now Detroiter, I can’t tell you how excited I am for this new venture.
    Wishing everyone nothing but success. Cannot wait.

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Thank you, Troy! We are thrilled to be here.

  2. Nate T

    So excited by this news… while I will always love my trips to Grand Rapids, the drive from Toledo to Detroit will make it even easier to experience the great brews and atmosphere of the Founders taproom!

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Fantastic to hear – we will see you soon, friend.

  3. Katie

    I could not be happier about this! My fiance is from GR, but he moved over to Detroit to be with me, so I am not only excited about Founder’s for myself (hoping for nitro Oatmeal Stout!), but more importantly for him and what this will mean to have something he loves so close to his new home. See you when you open!

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Nitro Oatmeal Stout, eh? We can probably help you out with that. We will definitely see you two soon!

  4. Becky Slusher-Thelen

    I am so excited that you are spreading the Founders love to Detroit! Any thoughts on how mug club memberships work at the new location? Please, please, please give us “brasswork building oldies” first dibs on a sneak peak when construction is completed!! ❤️ Becky Slusher-Thelen #174

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      We are still in the preliminary stages of planning for the taproom, but we will be sure to share the details with you as soon as we know. We have a soft spot in our hearts for you originals, after all.

    • Adam

      Would our mug club discounts apply to the Detroit location? Yes I get you won’t duplicate mugs, but what about the benefits?

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      We are still nailing down the details, but we do plan on having a Detroit Mug Club. Now word yet on whether or not the memberships will work towards both taprooms. We’ll keep you posted!

  5. Amber

    How do we apply?

  6. Tim wrather

    All of my dreams have finally come true! I can’t wait. Welcome to Detroit.

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Ours have too, friend.

  7. Matthew Trevethan

    Can’t wait. I work at WDET right up the street so it’s exciting that I’ll be able to stop on my way home and have a beer from my favorite brewery. Only thing that would make it more perfect is if my dogs could come too, their daycare (CaninetoFive) is your neighbor. 😀

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      We could not think of a better neighbor to have. No word yet on whether or not dogs will be allowed, but we will update you all as soon as we know. We are so happy to be here!

  8. Andrew

    This is very cool for Detroit. As a long-time mug club member from GR who only makes it to Detroit a few times a year, I think it would be very cool to allow reciprocity of mug club benefits between both locations. It just makes you feel cool! Of course we wouldn’t br able to use our mugs, nor would Detroiters who visit here, but present the ID for perks. Maybe Detroit gets a (script) D before their numbers for uniqueness (or not). Anyway… I’m excited to see Founders expanding yet again!

  9. I could not be more excited for this. We travel to GR multiple times a year for the ambiance of your taproom. I cannot wait to have it here where I can go anytime I want! ? Founders!

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      It really is like nothing else, isn’t it? Here’s to shorter drives and delicious beer!

  10. Judith Leppek

    Welcome to this side of the mitten. I’m so happy you are coming to town. Looking forward to Dirty Bastard on tap, and so many others. I still hope to see you in Grand Rapids when I come there for art prize.

  11. Pete Bussa

    Oh HELLS yes! YAY! WOOOT!!
    All the happy noises!
    Good to hear you’ll be doing local specific recipes too! And maybe we can get some KBS w/o having to drive all the way there and back…?

  12. Katie E

    Will there be a mug club at the Detroit location? 🙂

    I travel to Grand Rapids to visit your tap room. I’ve always been envious that I don’t live close enough to participate in the mug club! But I’m only a 10 minute drive from Detroit..

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      We plan on having a Detroit Mug Club – stay tuned for more details. We’ll continue to update you as we make progress on the ins and outs!

  13. Rachel Maki

    I will be moving With the Detroit Pistons downtown in the new arena and can not begin to describe how exciting this is for the area…its already a wonderful place to be and these types of improvements will only add to the experience downtown

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      We love the area and look forward to establishing some roots there. You’ll definitely have to stop in for a beer once we open!

  14. steven flum

    Dave, It was great meeting you at the announcement today. We are so excited seeing Founders Brewing come to this side of the state. Every time I am in Grand Rapids I first stop in at your beautifully restored building that houses your brew house. As an Detroit architect living in Corktown its great combining my passion of architecture with my passion for great Michigan craft beer. My firm has work on a couple of micro brewery’s in southeast Michigan. I saw the proposed exterior building rendering at the announcement and looking forward you ideas for the interior.
    Cheers and welcome to Detroit.

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Thanks for the welcome. We are so happy to be there!

  15. Erin

    Very exciting! Welcome to Detroit! I look forward to visiting and enjoying some brews in the taproom since I’m never able to make it to GR for major releases. Your Breakfast Stout is perfection (although KBS is for the bourbon barrell collection) so I’m very excited what other flavors you introduce out of Detroit. Cheers!

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      You can bet we’ll brew some special Detroit taproom-exclusive beers for all of our fans out east. Thanks for the welcome; we are feeling the love from you all, that’s for sure.

  16. Jan Mok Makris

    Behind the Masonic Temple, what a FABULOUS location, alleys and all.
    Thrilled to see Detroit yet again living up to it’s motto, “We hope for better things; it will rise from the ashes.”
    Because of adventuresome, positive, determined people like you I am seeing my beloved Detroit Rise Up! THANK YOU for your commitment.

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Detroit has long inspired us and we could not be more proud to now be a part of the city – your words of kindness and sincerity have blown us away. We’ll see you soon!

  17. Gary Kilgore

    I love everything about this except why brew beers that we can’t enjoy here in Grand Rapids? I understand having beers inspired by your new location, but why not let your original supporters enjoy all the beers you create on this journey?

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Many of our original supporters live all across the country, including the east side of the state. We will continue to brew taproom-exclusive beers for our Grand Rapids home base, but we think it’s important to brew special beers for our Detroit fans too. The best part? All will be welcome in the Detroit taproom (just like our Grand Rapids taproom). More incentive to make the trek to visit us and spend the day in the city.

  18. Shannon Fairchild

    I have a little bar and grill in Idaho, but grew up in Romeo, Michigan. I recently heard of your beer and put you on a handle at my place. I am excited to have a Michigan beer to share with my Idaho friends. Do you have a suggestion of your most popular beer?

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      It really depends on what you’re in the mood for – All Day IPA is perfect for anytime (and is currently our best-seller), but you could also go for our seasonal offerings for some diversity. More info here: https://foundersbrewing.com/our-beer/?seasonal

  19. Cuau

    Great!! Will help the city a lot, congratulations!

    And only 30 mins from Farmington! Yeah!

  20. Steve Hensley

    Your progressive forward-think is truly profound. Just another catalytic example of how craft breweries are aiding in the vitality of our modern-urban rebirths. More appropriately, no one knows it better than you, Founders! Your strategic resolve is dynamic. I reside in Saginaw, MI and we, too, are experiencing a revitalization as a deindustrialized central city. I am very excited for Detroit as well as our entire state. Unarguably, this is truly Pure Michigan, thank you!

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Though we had thrown around the idea of opening a second taproom for a few years, it really didn’t come to fruition until Detroit came into the discussion. The city inspires us in its resolve, its purely American journey, its reemergence as a force to be reckoned with and its undeniable sense of who it is. We see ourselves in Detroit – and now we can say that in a literal sense. Thanks for your support – it truly means the world to us.

  21. Brian standish

    Just bought a company in Plymouth, out there once a month….your quarterly revenue is secured. Poor Leo

    Stands with a fifth.

  22. Dave

    Make as big as you can or have a big overflow room. Your place will be busy! Especially when there is a event or game (or both on the same night).

  23. Rayme

    Amazing! Your move to the Cass Corridor area will serve as incentive for others to follow! Detroit shall rise!
    Oh, and great Michigan beers!

  24. Andy

    Totally stoked to hear you guys are coming to my home town. I’m a long time Detroit resident and take regular visits out to your current GR location. Glad to see one of my favorite brewers coming close to home. Ah, the sweet smells of KBS, Sumatra Brown, CBS, etc….looking forward to becoming a regular as are many of my friends!

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      We can’t wait to be there – see you guys soon!

  25. Wished ah had access to all your beers…keep on keepin guys…great tasting brews…mike palmere.

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