20th Anniversary Contest Winners Recap

We recently asked you, our fans, to share your moment of no regret – a moment where you just decided to go for it. Of the hundreds of video submissions we received, nine standout winners were ultimately selected by our Co-Founder, Mike.

The winners ran the gamut of a woman quitting her job later in life to start a pie company, to a couple with two small children who quit their corporate jobs and moved to a beach town to open an ice cream shop, to a young man who solo-traveled all over the world. Despite their stories being wildly different, the heart of each was the same: to live life with no regrets.

We brought those folks in to the taproom this weekend for our 20th anniversary celebration, but, before, that, they got to spend a day at the brewery. After lunch, tours, tastings and more, the night was capped off with a dinner at HopCat attended by Mike and Dave, where they shared some of their trials and tribulations of starting a brewery twenty years ago.

After dinner, the crew headed out on the town to some of the bars that were particularly influential when Founders was a tiny, burgeoning brewery – The Cottage Bar and Flanagan’s.

The trip finished with the 20th anniversary celebration at the taproom where the group partied the day away. Lorri, Joe, Corey, Darwin, Wes, Garry, Jennifer, William and Dewey – thanks for sharing your stories and inspiring us to continue sharing ours.


Anniversary contest winners posing for a picture outside of Hopcat in GR

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1 Comment on “20th Anniversary Contest Winners Recap”
  1. yazooSue

    Was at the 20th anniversary!
    Loved it ~ GREAT celebration by a GREAT brewery!!!

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