2018 Update: Backwoods Bastard and Breakfast Stout to be Year-Round

We’ll be unrolling our 2018 calendar throughout the week and, to kick things off, we’re happy to share the two newest additions to our year-round lineup:

Founders Backwoods Bastard and Breakfast Stout beer bottles

That’s right – Backwoods Bastard and Breakfast Stout will be available year-round beginning in 2018! While Breakfast Stout should see no lapse in availability from now into the New Year, Backwoods Bastard won’t hit shelves in 2018 until April. And there it will stay. No more waiting around for these two favorites to make their seasonal return!

We have big changes coming in 2018 – stay tuned to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels to stay up-to-date with what’s to come.


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11 Comments on “2018 Update: Backwoods Bastard and Breakfast Stout to be Year-Round”
  1. Josh

    This makes me so happy. I love Backwoods Bastard. And I love you guys.

  2. Kevin Kelly

    A dream come true.Backwoods bastard is one of my favorite bourbon barrel ales. I’ll have plenty for wading the trout streams, not to mention ice fishing.

  3. Tom Powl

    Wonderful news

  4. Aaron

    Keep sending these to LCBO please!!! Canada loves you. Thank you.

  5. Count

    I offered my brother a BB recently and he fell in love with it. Great news!!!

  6. Ethan Prevenslik

    I’ve never been happier to hear a beer is losing it’s exclusivity. Backwoods Bastard is repeatedly one of the best beers I’ve ever had. I actually cheered at work when I read the news.

  7. Brad McGee Brinkley

    I Love Breakfast Stout, and Backwoods Bastard is just fine.

  8. Dawn

    Backwoods Bastard is a delightful new discovery for me. So happy to learn it’s not a limited run. It’s my new Wisconsin winter go-to!

  9. Kelly

    Praying y’all will add a run for blushing monk..

  10. Tom

    Is it true that the Russian Imperial Stout is no longer on the roster? I really hope not, that’s one of my favorites!

  11. JT

    Gotta play devil’s advocate here, but I think what makes these beers special is the limited once a year release. imho

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