2018 Update: Announcing 6-pack Cans

We’re sharing the big updates from our 2018 availability calendar all week long! Next up, a new package for our seasonal lineup and select year-round beers:

Introducing 6-pack cans!

Founders All Day IPA 6 pack of cans

That’s right, beginning in 2018, we will be offering our seasonal lineup, which includes Mosaic Promise, Azacca IPA and PC Pils, select beers from our year-round lineup including All Day IPA and Rubaeus and our 2018 ArtPrize beer.

We’ll continue to offer our seasonal lineup and All Day IPA in 15-pack cans because, c’mon, of course we will. Additionally, All Day IPA will be available in 6-pack bottles so you can get your favorite session ale in no shortage of packaging formats! Azacca IPA won’t see the switch to 6-pack cans until December 2018.

We have more big changes coming in 2018 – stay tuned to our FacebookInstagram and Twitter channels to see what’s next! Also, make sure to download our mobile app to find all of these beers near you.



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