We’re Expanding!

We’re excited to announce that we’re expanding…again! We’ve been expanding our current 235 Grandville location for years, but we’ve grown to fill a full city block and have no more space to grow into. This time, we’re adding an additional building, located just a mile south of our current taproom and brewing facility.

So, what’s happening at this new facility? Well, a little bit of everything. The building, located at 900 Hynes St. SW near downtown Grand Rapids, is intended to fulfill our growing warehousing and distribution needs. It will also be home to our second brewery, which will focus exclusively on the barrel-aged, experimental, high-gravity, and specialty beers that we’ve become known for. This means many of the limited, speciality, and Backstage Series beers will be brewed and packaged in this facility. We’re beyond excited to have additional space to design and brew the beers that are the foundation of who we are.

As our Co-Founder, Mike Stevens, puts it:
“This is the foundation of our company and what we are known for. It represents the very essence of Founders and it feels great to know that the very roots of our success will always have a primary focus.”

The new facility will be production-only and will not have a taproom. We’ll begin operations at the new facility on January 29, 2016 and anticipate to start production this summer.



Of course, with the addition of this new brewery comes the opportunity to bring new employees into the Founders Family. You can find more information on job openings here.

Cheers to continuing to grow our operation within the beautiful city we love so much!



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6 Comments on “We’re Expanding!”
  1. Im a friend of Wes Noble.
    I as a GREENbuild consultant, if I may, ask you to look into building with ICF`s,
    I used these forms on everything from homes, stormshelters,wineries, would save you tons of money since you are looking for a controlled environment !
    Fox Blocks, AMVIC, are a few.

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      We love Wes… most of the time. Thanks for the suggestion and we’ll make sure the right person receives it. Take care!

  2. Adam Jackson

    Way to go Mahou San Miguel!!!

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Our partnership with Mahou San Miguel has certainly helped our dreams come to fruition! We are fortunate to be able to keep our recipes, processes and people the same all while remaining in our beloved hometown of Grand Rapids, MI. We think it’s awesome that we can continue to grow while remaining 100% true to ourselves!

  3. joe cardinel

    Love your products, especially all day IPA, would love to work for your co.
    If you have openings in production or shipping and receiving l
    I would love to be considered. I have applied,
    Thank you!
    Keep producing great products!

    N. Joe Cardinel

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Thanks Joe, we will keep an eye out for your application! As long as you keep drinking them, we’ll keep making them. Cheers!

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