Founders Beer Distributed in Florida

We’ve [finally] announced today that we are expanding our distribution territory to include the Sunshine State, with Brown Distributing slated to represent our brand across the entire state of Florida (yes, the whole state) beginning in May.

The Founders Brewing Co. Lineup in bottles over a map of Florida

“Florida has grown tremendously in terms of craft beer savvy and awareness in the past couple of years,” said Co-Founder & CEO Mike Stevens. “Beer enthusiasts have raised the bar in the state, and we’re looking forward to getting our beer to them.”

“It is their radical approach to brewing and passion for quality that makes us so fired up to bring Founders products to Florida,” said Ian Salzberg, Senior Marketing Manager with Brown Distributing.

Floridians can expect to find Founders’ year-round and seasonal products, both in bottles and on draft, in the first shipment, which is expected to land in mid- to late May. Specialty releases will follow the brewery’s release schedule from there.

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18 Comments on “Founders Beer Distributed in Florida”
  1. Bethany Koehler

    Yeah!!!! Can’t wait to have Founders’ beer closer than Georgia. Please please bring it to jacksonville first!!

    • Sarah

      We’re bringing it to the entire state 🙂 Feel free to put in your requests with our distributor there!

    • Ryan Alton

      This just made my day cant friggin wait! And waiting I have been!!!!!

  2. Steve Hoult

    With you distributing to nearly every state surrounding TN and the main routes going from GR to the more southern states going through TN, why are you not distributing in TN? What is keeping you from doing business in TN?

    While I can sometimes get Centennial IPA and Breakfast Stout by driving 55 miles (one way) to KY many times they don’t have any of your beers even though I’ve called ahead. Why can’t I get Founders in TN?

    • Sarah

      We have not opened up distribution in TN yet, but we are doing research on TN as a potential market. We appreciate your patience and dedication (55 miles one way!).

  3. Brewtalizer

    Florida, no longer the Red-Headed step child!
    Now If we could only shake that silly growler law….

  4. Dave

    Best beer news since I have moved here in 2006!!! CCB & now Founders. Happy beer drinker, right here.

  5. A.j.

    I can has Breakfast Stout?

    • Sarah

      When its season comes around again in October, yes!

  6. Nathan Wolkenhauer

    SO excited to hear this! I have been craving Founders beer ever since I had a breakfast stout in Minnesota last year with my brother! However, I don’t know if I can wait until May… I might need to buy a plane ticket to visit my brother again before then! Thank you for bringing your WONDERFUL beer to Florida!

  7. We Need Founders in California ASAP! Please.

  8. We Need Founders in Northern California! San Francisco!

  9. Alex

    Are you hiring sales representatives in Florida?

    • Sarah

      We don’t have a job description out at this point, but we are always accepting applications from qualified applicants. Cheers!

  10. Bill

    Heard a lot of rumors last year & again this year about you folks distributing in Maryland. Any updates? Thanks

    • Sarah

      Our Maryland distribution talks are on pause right now, but we hope to make progress over the next few months. We appreciate your patience! Please stay tuned.

  11. Patrick

    Any plans to distribute to Louisiana any time soon?

    • Sarah

      Not in the immediate future, but you never know…

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