All Day IPA Coming in Cans


Founders All Day IPA in a 12 oz. Can 

We’ve just announced that we plan to release our craft beer in cans for the first time in our fifteen-year history. We will put our warm weather seasonal, All Day IPA, in 12 oz. cans that will be available in 12-packs across our distribution footprint this summer.

“Especially in our recreational home state of Michigan, cans are a very functional package,” said Co-Founder & CEO Mike Stevens. “It means people will be able to enjoy our beer at golf courses, marinas and while hiking or camping. And we think All Day IPA works in a can particularly well.”

We did extensive research to find a canning line that delivers a sealed container meeting the same quality standard as what comes off our bottling line every day.

“For this new canning line, we turned to the same manufacturer of our bottling line, world beverage industry leader, Krones,” said Vice President of Operations Brad Stevenson. “We are 100% confident in both this line and this package.”

All Day IPA will be the only Founders beer in cans to start. More Founders products may make their way into cans in the future.


**Please note that the above image is a comp of what this can will look like. The actual can may vary a bit from what is depicted. **

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17 Comments on “All Day IPA Coming in Cans”
  1. Andrew T

    I love you forever and ever!

  2. Paul

    Woo!!! Great beer in cans + summer music fests = happy camper!!!!!!!!

  3. Kellie Hogetvedt

    Sweet looking cans!! I would not change a thing!!

  4. Rando

    Good beer in cans – GENIUS!

  5. How-Man, (252)

    Perfect idea, I love it. I will now be able to share some of my favorite beverages with my guests around our family pool this summer without the concern over the possibility of broken glass.

  6. Dave

    We are looking forward to the progress on this and all future growth at the brewery. CANgrats on the exciting project for the line.

  7. NT

    When will you be bottling CBS again?

    • Sarah

      No word on that at this point…

  8. Bill

    I love your beers. It’s great that I can get them on the East Coast, in Vermont no less! While I don’t out-of-hand disregard canned beer as bad, I do have concerns about the epoxy linings in the cans that leach BPA into the can’s contents. While heating the contents causes greater leaching, there is still a measurable amount of leaching without heating the contents. Given that BPA is bio-accumulative (our bodies store whatever we ingest forever), this can be a potentially serious issue. Does your canning supplier use a BPA-containing epoxy liner in their cans? Thanks.

    • Sarah

      Hi Bill–Thanks for reaching out and for supporting us in Vermont. While the plasticizer in the epoxy liner used by our canning supplier does have some BPA, it is far below the threshold set by the FDA. We understand that they are actively looking for alternatives, but there simply aren’t any at this point. Please feel free to contact Ball directly for more information, and keep in mind that glass bottles will remain available if that’s what you prefer. It’s ultimately up to you.

  9. James Galdikas

    Any idea when the cans of All Day will be available this summer? BTW it seems much more citrusy than last year, or is that just me? I absolutely love this beer. Will it be available before the first day of summer 7/21? I’d like to incorporate some sort of promotion at our facility on that day.

    • Sarah

      It is still too soon to commit to a date for All Day IPA can availability. Please keep in touch with your distributor rep (it looks like you’re with Tribes, so you work with John Freyer from our team) to set something up for the package launch. Thanks for the support, James!

  10. verhaget

    I agree with James. I had some All Day last night and the citrus flavor really does stand out. Great beer.

  11. Jordan

    I am having an outdoor wedding June 15th. As soon as I had this beer, I knew I had to try to get it for the wedding. Unique enough for craft beer fans, light enough for regular beer drinkers. If I can get cans, that’ll be awesome.

    • Sarah

      If cans aren’t available in time for your wedding, you can get it in 1/2 bbl kegs, too! We’re still working through our canning timeline.

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