Frangelic Mountain Brown Released on July 2

Our next installation in our Backstage Series, Frangelic Mountain Brown, will be released beginning on Monday, July 2.

Frangelic Mountain Brown on the Founders bottling line
Frangelic Mountain Brown on our bottling line.

To reiterate our previous announcement, while there will not be an official release party for Frangelic Mountain Brown at our taproom in Grand Rapids, the beer will be available on draft in the taproom beginning Monday, July 2. The focus of bottle sales will be in Founders’ distribution footprint.

In our taproom, we will be allowing one growler fill per customer once the beer goes on tap when we open at 11am.

We’re excited to share this beer with all of you. The use of hazelnut coffees in the brewing process gives Frangelic Mountain Brown distinct flavor and aromatics, with sweet and nutty notes beautifully balanced. We think you’ll enjoy it. We do.

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4 Comments on “Frangelic Mountain Brown Released on July 2”
  1. Phil

    I have enjoyed a small variety of Founders’ products. I like them all. I especially like ‘All Day IPA’. However, I had the opportunity to have a good taste of ‘Frangelic Mountain Brown’. From the first sniff to the last drop that would fall from the glass, I was taken by complete surprise. I like a beer/ale that is chewable. This one nailed it. Apart from the mouth feel, the aroma and taste were probably the best I have experienced (my son-in-law brews some good stuff). If this variety becomes regular production, it will be one of my regulars. Congratulations on a great success!

    • Sarah

      Thanks for the comment, Phil! We’re not sure if Frangelic Mountain Brown will ever become a regular in our production cycle, but you never know. We love to hear that other folks enjoy it as much as we do. Cheers!

  2. Scott

    I just got a bottle in Farmington Hills, MI. Thank you for releasing the bottles. It’s not easy for us Beer Geeks on the east side of the state to make it over to GRR. I appreciate it and I’m looking forward to when I finally taste it. Thanks!

  3. Nic

    I stumbled on this beer in my local beer store in Cleveland. It sounded interesting, so I grabbed a bottle. OH MY GOD! This beer has easily crept its way to the top of my all time favorite beers. I proudly identify myself as a beer snob, and I had absolutely no complaints over this beer! I plan to start giving a whirl at cloning this beer, because my wife might have something to say about me coming home with case upon case of this beer. (any hints you can give out on the ingredients would be greatly appreciated! 😉 )
    Bravo, Founders….Bravo!

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