The Expansion Continues–A Wall!

Behind Founders Brewing Company, constructions workers are building walls and operating machinery.

Progress! We have a wall (or at least part of one) in our backyard!

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6 Comments on “The Expansion Continues–A Wall!”
  1. Yes and the good news is that things are slated to be completed (at least the manufacturing side)by December 15th….. Earlier than expected, that means more beer sooner.

  2. JJ

    This is very exciting, here’s to your continuing success, though I’ll always cherish memories of standing shoulder-to-shoulder at the old Brassworks building 🙂

  3. Chris Coleman

    Wow, and to think there was a time when your ONLY taproom choice was a bottle of Lager or maybe pale. And come to think of it, I haven’t been hired or fired in a long time, can I have a job?

    Keep up the good work! When you are ready for Alberta, I can help.

    Big Head

    • Big Head… Holy Crap. I’d forgotten that one. I think you’d better plan on bootleggin’ Founders across the border. At least for the near future. Do you really miss the days of building 6-packs and mothercases listening to Steely Dan and the Allman Bros.

      Looking forward to meeting the rest of your crew when you come to visit again. Give us some warning.

  4. Congrats on the Expandtion! Now lets get started on making some more of those Fantastic Brews! Hope to drive out (from the Downriver Area)there to help celebrate the completion of the expandtion and bring home some of my favorite great brews! Cheers from the eastside of the state!

    • Sarah

      Thanks, Greg! Cheers!

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