Expansion Begins!

Our employees and local customers are sacrificing our parking lot in the name of producing more amazing beer!

A crane sitting atop piles of dirt and using its giant claw to dig more holes and move more dirt around, in what used to be our parking lot.

Yes, that crane and giant fenced-off area represents the first stages of our expansion. We are thrilled that more people are finding out about our beer and demanding it at their local restaurants, bars, and stores‚Äîit‚Äôs happening so much, in fact, that we can‚Äôt make enough beer with our current production facility! That‚Äôs why we decided to expand. By early 2011, we’ll have enough equipment in production to double our brewing capacity and enough space to potentially quadruple our capacity in the future.

We’ll keep you updated with more photos and news as the expansion progresses. Oh, and don’t worry, our current facility won’t be affected by the expansion—we’ll still be able to brew!