Blood, Sweat and Barrel-Aged Beer

Jim Vorel of Paste Magazine recently joined us during the weekend of our 15th Annual Black Party, a celebration of our darkest beers. Alongside the winners of our Bring Me to Black Party contest, Jim toured our facility, got to know our team and sampled a few of the barrel-aged beers we’re currently experimenting with. Check out his recap of the weekend, summary of our history and foreshadowing of what’s to come here.



Session Boldly with Camp Illustrated

When we set out to brew All Day IPA, we had one goal in mind: create a beer with the full-flavor we love, but with a low enough ABV that we could keep our senses sharp. We wanted a beer that would be the perfect companion to our adventures, anything from conquering a long hike to relaxing around a campfire. Something we could tuck into a kayak, beach bag or tackle box and crack open during one of those moments that makes life so sweet.

We’ve partnered with Camp Illustrated (AKA Matt McAdow), a California-based artist, to illustrate these moments for our Session Boldly artwork. Matt, who travels throughout California and the Pacific Northwest in a VW bus, turns outdoor photographs into simple illustrations. Through his art, he hopes to “get people psyched to get outdoors.”

The illustrations Matt created for us are largely inspired by the photographs shared with us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook showing the adventures All Day IPA has become a part of.


To reward those who share photographs with us, Matt will also be illustrating a few All Day IPA photos tagged with #SessionBoldly on Instagram and Twitter. Share your photos with us for a chance to have yours illustrated! Here’s Matt working on the first of these, a photograph shared by our Instagram pal @iskivolkl:




Upcoming Palate Exploration Events

Join us as we tantalize and educate with two new Palate Exploration events!

On April 28,  join us in the Embassy, our classroom and training bar, while we host The Cheese Lady and learn all about the amazing things that happen when cheese and beer come together. We will be pairing a beautiful spread of cheeses, covering as many flavor and texture possibilities as we can, along with five of our beers. There really are few things better in life than beer and cheese.

On May 19, the team from Duba and Company Heritage Meats is helping us explore what could be called “craft meats.” We’ll be pairing four different mini burgers, one lamb and four beef varieties, with a variety of beer styles. Will beef cattle raised in different locales and under different conditions result in a slider that pairs with different beers than the others? There is really only one way to find out and we’re incredibly excited for this new experiment.

The Palate Exploration is a unique pairing concept that allows you to discover your own palate preferences and later bring that knowledge into your own kitchens, or as a guide when looking at a restaurant beer menu. Beer and food are two of the most incredible parts of life when enjoyed separately, but my how the game does change when they are allowed to work together.

Secure yourself a seat at the table by snagging tickets to either event here. We can’t wait to explore with you!



Mustard ‘n’ BLiS Maple Glazed Chicken Wings

Here to share another one of his culinary delights, our head chef, Justin Golinski:

Looking for something a lil’ sweet, a lil’ spicy, a lil’ smoky? Look no further! May we present Mustard ‘n’ BLiS Maple Wings!  A perfect complement to the grilling season. Warning: do not pair these babies with your favorite waffle recipe. Hahaha! Who am I kidding?!


Mustard ‘n’ Blis Maple Glazed Chicken Wings



  1. Combine the salt, pepper, and cayenne in a large container with a tightfitting lid or a large re-sealable plastic bag. Add the wings and toss with your hands until evenly coated. Close the container and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, place the Blis Maple Syrup, Dirty Bastard Mustard and vinegar in a small, nonreactive bowl and whisk to combine; set aside.
  3. Heat an outdoor grill to medium high (about 375°F to 425°F). When the grill is ready, use tongs to rub the grate with paper towels dipped in vegetable oil. Place the wings on the grate in a single layer so they are not touching (grill them in rounds, if you don’t have enough grate space). Cover the grill and cook, flipping the wings occasionally with tongs, until the skin is opaque and no longer raw-looking, about 10 minutes. Brush all over with the maple sauce and continue to cook, flipping and basting occasionally, until the wings are golden brown, no longer pink at the bone, and the skin is crisp, about 10 to 15 minutes more.

Alright, now get to cookin’! Share photos of your dishes with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Announcing Maryland Distribution

Marylanders! Have we got some great news for you. Beginning in late May, our beer will finally be available in your lovely state! We know, we know, it was a long time coming. Rest assured, we were trying our darndest to get in there, but sometimes good things take a little while to come to fruition.


Along with the help of Legends-Limited Distribution, we will be heading to Baltimore, Frederick, Howard, Carroll, Montgomery and Anne Arundel counties in late May with distribution to the remaining counties later this year. Residents of these fine counties can expect to see our year-round, seasonal and specialty beers in bottles, cans (as applicable) and kegs along with select limited releases, including our highly sought-after Backstage Series beers.

Launch events will take place May 23-26. You can find more information here: Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more information.

To see all the states where we are available and to find beer in your area, check out our super-helpful beer finder.



Bring Me To Black Party Weekend Recap

Two months ago, we launched a first-of-its-kind contest asking you, our beloved fans, to submit your favorite Founders Brewing Co. memory for the chance to win a trip to the Black Party, the annual celebration of our darkest beers. After meticulously sifting through nearly 2,000 entries, we somehow managed to name ten winners. Not an easy task considering the incredibly moving depictions of how our beer/taproom/employees have been a part of our supporter’s memorable moments throughout the years. Alas, we could only name ten winners and ten winners it was.

Photo Apr 15, 5 29 19 PM

From a woman’s love letter to her partner describing their love as a “well-balanced stout,” to an inventor who celebrated the first successful run of his product (a 3-D whiteboard) with a celebratory stop in the taproom, to a 91-year-old father securing his son two bottles of KBS on release day, the winner’s stories ran the gamut of emotions. And the tears they brought to our eyes were proof of that.

This past Friday, all ten winners (and their guests) arrived in town for what would be a weekend of tours, meeting much of our team (including our Co-Founders Mike and Dave), drinking beer, eating awesome food, drinking beer, enjoying our 15th Annual Black Party, drinking some bourbon (shhh!) and finally, drinking even more beer.

It was immediately clear that the group of winners we had brought to the taproom was a special bunch. The bonding amongst them happened before the first lunchtime beers were finished, and by the end of the day Saturday, there were plans to get together every year as a group who shared a unique and wonderful thing in common. Despite the age gap of the youngest to oldest winner being nearly 70 years, there was a camaraderie so powerful you would’ve thought everyone grew up together.

Those of us here at Founders who were fortunate enough to host this amazing group of individuals were given a gift that few people ever get to experience professionally: a reminder of what is truly important in life. Family, giving when you can give, laughter, human connection, love, stepping outside your comfort zone and, of course, good times over delicious beer.

Mark, Richard, Courtlan, Derek, Reid, Karen, Jeremy, Chris, Lester, Heather, Pete, Jill, Sarah, Matt, Ian, Kelly, David, Kasi, Brett and Micah: thank you for making the journey here. We will never forget this weekend and the great time we had getting to know each of you. Not only do we consider you friends, you are now part of our Founders Family. We hope to see you back at the taproom soon (we vote for a reunion at next year’s Black Party)!

Check out the full gallery of photos from Black Party and watch a video recap below: 


Unlock the Rubaeus Untappd Badge

It’s been a big year for our raspberry ale, Rubaeus! First, we added it to our year-round lineup and then we introduced the “Ruby Cube,” a 9-pack of cans ready to hit the beach, trail or backyard. To celebrate this berry-red masterpiece, we’ve partnered with Untappd to offer a new badge to anyone who checks-in Rubaeus between April 14 and May 14, 2016. Check out the beer finder online or in our mobile app to find it near you.

Cheers to enjoying the joys of summer year-round!





Announcing Founders Fest 2016

Two of our favorite things in the whole world, beer and music, are coming together for the event of the summer. Without further ado, we are happy to announce the lineup for Founders Fest 2016, a Celebration of Beer and Music:


Here’s a recap of last year’s Fest:

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Introducing Michigan-Only Release: Palm Reader

Hi there! Dave Engbers here to share some exciting news with my fellow Michiganders: I’m very happy to introduce Palm Reader, a pale ale made with Michigan-grown hops. Proceeds from the sale of this beer are going to support Grand Rapids Whitewater, a organization focused on restoring and putting the rapids back in the Grand River. It’s a cause that I’ve been passionate about for years and I’m glad we can support it doing what we do best: brewing kickass beer. You’ll find the beer on Michigan shelves beginning in early May.

We talk a lot about legacy here and Mike and I have become progressively more focused on supporting things that we really care about; things that we believe will make our community a better place years from now. We’ve been supporters of Grand Rapids Whitewater and their vision of restoring the natural beauty and recreational opportunities to the Grand River since 2010. It started with a conversation over beer, as most things do around here, and as the Grand Rapids Whitewater team shared their vision, we became fully invested in their cause. Having the opportunity to take that partnership to another level with the Palm Reader release is something we are proud of considering how important this cause is to both of us and to the continued legacy of the company we built.



So, a bit about that beer… a tribute to our beautiful state, Palm Reader is made with Michigan-grown Crystal and Zuper-Saazer hops. Derived from Saaz, a traditional noble hop hailing from the Czech Republic, these Zuper-Saazer hops, grown locally at Hop Head Farms, impart intense and fruity aromas. Combined with the citrus notes of the Crystal hops and the simple malt bill, this beer is crisp, bright and delicious. Palm Reader comes in at 5.4% ABV and will be available in 6-pack 12oz bottles with a suggested retail price of $9.99.

The proceeds from the beer will support “Tribute on the Grand,” a fundraising event in support of Grand Rapids Whitewater. It’s a free event we’re hosting, along with FOX17, on September 10, 2016 at Ah-Nab-Awen Park in downtown Grand Rapids. We’ll be featuring local bands along with national tribute bands and, of course, plenty of Founders beer. Palm Reader will be on tap for this special event as well. There will also be a one-of-a-kind beer dinner that will take place on the Gillette Bridge, overlooking the Grand River, with tickets going on sale in June. We’d love to see you there.



Stay tuned for more information on Palm Reader, Tribute on the Grand, the band lineup and more via our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Founders Presents: Serita’s Black Rose

A self-professed “funkateer,” Serita Crowley of Grand Rapids’ Serita’s Black Rose, brings a raucous mix of neo-soul, funk, 70s-rock, country and R&B to our taproom stage. In this third installment of the Founders Presents series, check out Serita’s killer performance in the taproom and find out more about what she means when she says, “I pick my music like I pick my food.”

See other Founders Presents videos here:


Introducing Sumatra Mountain Brown

Remember that TBA on the specialty lineup of our 2016 availability calendar!? Well, the time has come to announce what will be filling its place: Sumatra Mountain Brown! Considering how much we love putting coffee in beer, we are pretty pumped about this one. Please join us in welcoming this imperial brown ale to the family:


Sumatra Mountain Brown gets its body from a team of malts, including Caramel malt for sweetness, flaked barley for dense foam, a bit of Chocolate malt for its deep color and Aromatic and Munich malts to add even more depth. German and Perle hops bring balance to the malty sweetness by introducing a touch of bitterness. The addition of rich Sumatra coffee takes this perfectly balanced brown ale to a decadent level. Sumatra Mountain Brown comes in at a hefty 9% ABV.

Experimenting with different flavor profiles is a huge part of who we are and there’s no denying coffee is one of our favorite ingredients. Our sterling cast of iterations of coffee beers also includes Breakfast Stout, Kentucky Breakfast Stout, Canadian Breakfast Stout and Frangelic Mountain Brown. A special hat tip to our local neighbors and friends at Ferris Coffee & Nut Co. for providing us with only the finest coffee.

Though it’s become a beloved taproom-exclusive option here at the brewery, this is the first time we’ve bottled Sumatra Mountain Brown. It’s the third release in our specialty lineup of 2016, accompanied by Imperial Stout, Curmudgeon Old Ale, reDANKulous and Breakfast Stout. See the full 2016 availability calendar here.

Jonesin’ for a sip? You can find it in our taproom beginning April 29 and across our distribution footprint (which now includes 37 states!) beginning May 2. It will be available in 12oz 4-packs with a suggested retail price of $11.99.





All Day IPA Beer Cheese Soup Recipe

Fresh off his Imperial Stout Fish & Chips fame, our head chef, Mr. Justin Golinski, is back at it and ready to share another culinary delight. This time, we’re going full-blown Midwestern on you with All Day IPA Cheese Soup. 

A quick word from Justin:
“Few things scream “The Midwest” more than a bowl of super cheesy cheese soup. My take on the classic involves an entire can of All Day IPA, which adds a slight bitterness and tang to the otherwise one-dimensional richness. Finish it off with some crumbled potato chips and you have just out-Midwested this Midwest staple.”

All Day IPA Cheese Soup:


  • 5 tablespoons butter
  • 2 medium sized carrots, finely chopped
  • 2 leeks, white and light green parts only, finely chopped
  • salt and pepper
  • 1/3 cup flour
  • 3 cups milk
  • (1) 12 ounce can of All Day IPA (find it locally using our beer finder)
  • 1.5 tablespoons Founders Dirty Bastard Stone Ground Mustard
  • 5 ounces sharp cheddar cheese, grated
  • 5 ounces smoked gouda cheese, grated
  • potato chips, for garnish

AllDayCheeseSoup_Garnishing-FBTWITTER Continue reading

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