What’s on Tap

Overlooking the brewing facilities, our taproom allows customers a look into where the beer magic happens. It’s a great testing ground for us, and on any particular day you will find numerous beers on draft available only here in our taproom. The unique offering of specialty beers, the laid back atmosphere, and thrice-weekly live music has helped to make our taproom a staple in the Grand Rapids community and a destination for travelers. Stop by whenever you can and experience it for yourself.

Tap selection subject to availability. Please call 616.776.1195 first to confirm!

As of August 15th at 9:17 am:

Class 1

  • All Day IPA4.7%
  • Red’s Rye IPA (Draft)6.6%
  • Centennial IPA7.2%
  • Dirty Bastard8.5%
  • Porter6.5%
  • Nitro Oatmeal Stout4.5%
  • PC Pils5.5%
  • Mosaic Promise5.5%
    This clean, rich, golden beer showcases Mosaic hops and Golden Promise malts proving there truly is beauty in simplicity.
  • Rye Stout5.4%
    Plenty of Rye Malt gives a spicy complexity to this robust stout. Flaked barley adds a creamy mouth feel while roasted barley and chocolate malts add complex character.
  • Solid Gold4.5%
    This crush-able extra pale ale brings a light and refreshing option to our line-up of classically bold ales. Notes of corn and a clean finish make a perfect compliment to a day of outdoor labor.
  • Frooty Pils5.4%
    Our pleasantly crisp, perfectly clean and profoundly crushable, American hopped Pilsner with pineapple, strawberry, raspberry and rhubarb flavors.
  • Ales for ALS6.6%
    A smooth and easy-drinking IPA with Simcoe, Equinox & some experimental hop varieties! A portion of each pint sold goes to benefit ALS Research!
  • Bale Finder IPA6.7%
    A collaboration between Founders and Bale Breaker Brewing from Yakima WA, this IPA is brewed with Golden Promise malt and oats for a simple, yet well balanced body and light color. Simcoe and Mosaic hops were used to compliment the Hop Breeding Company’s experimental 522, which has sweet stone fruit and light tropical notes.
  • Comet IPA6.5%
    The 2nd run of our immensely popular Taproom exclusive trial IPA utilizing the ultra-versatile Comet hops! Grassy, floral and citrus notes soar on top of a solid malt foundation resulting in an IPA best described as out of this world!

Class 2

  • Rubaeus5.7%
  • Nitro Rubaeus5.7%
  • Curmudgeon9.8%
  • reDANKulous9.5%
  • Nitro Sumatra Mountain Brown9.0%
    A smooth & creamy nitrogen-driven version of our Imperial Brown Ale, Sumatra Mountain Brown.
  • Sumatra Mountain Brown9%
  • 10K IPA9.2%
    A big and bold IPA, brewed with some light crystal malts for a balanced sweetness and exploding with Simcoe hop flavor and aroma.
  • Green Zebra4.6%
    The official beer of ArtPrize 2017! This watermelon gose is Summertime's party-starter! With a soft mouth feel and dry finish, the beautiful harmony between salty, sweet, and sour will leave you wanting more.

Class 3

  • Doom12.4%
  • Backwoods Bastard11.2%
  • Lizard of Koz10.5%
  • Frootwood8%
  • DKML14.2%
  • BranDankulous11.7%
    So we admit we are a little crazy (in a good way)! Here we took our multiple award-winning Imperial Red IPA and aged it in Brandy barrels for 380 days Look out!
  • BA Sumatra Mountain Brown11.8%
    As if our malt-forward brown ale brewed with Sumatra coffee wasn't delicious enough! This one has been aged in bourbon barrels for 558 days!
  • BA Imperial Lime Gose10.1%
    Imperial Lime Gose aged in Gin and Rum Barrels


Growler pricing and information:

Growler refills for Class 1 beers are $10, refills for Class 2 beers are $17. (For Mug Club Members: $8 & $15, respectively.) We will fill growlers that are not our own as long as they are clean, rinsed and free of contamination; we do this to avoid compromising the quality of our product. We recommend consumption within 48 hours. Nitrogen-driven, specialty, and some taproom one-off beers are not available in growlers. Questions? Give us a call 616.776.1195 or ask your server or bartender.

New, empty growlers are $5.