What’s on Tap

Overlooking the brewing facilities, our taproom allows customers a look into where the beer magic happens. It’s a great testing ground for us, and on any particular day you will find numerous beers on draft available only here in our taproom. The unique offering of specialty beers, the laid back atmosphere, and thrice-weekly live music has helped to make our taproom a staple in the Grand Rapids community and a destination for travelers. Stop by whenever you can and experience it for yourself.

Tap selection subject to availability. Please call 616.776.1195 first to confirm!

As of March 25th at 12:00 pm:

Class 1

  • All Day IPA4.7%
  • Centennial IPA7.2%
  • Red’s Rye IPA (Draft)6.6%
  • Dirty Bastard8.5%
  • PC Pils5.5%
  • Porter6.5%
  • Nitro Pale Ale5.4%
  • Nitro Oatmeal Stout4.5%
  • Creme of the Rock Milk Stout4%
    Called milk stout because of the addition of milk sugar during the boil. Milk sugar doesn’t ferment - it creates extra body and a perceived sweetness. Very smooth mouth feel and sweet taste. Enjoy! (Those who are lactose intolerant should drink with caution)
  • Steiner XPA5.8%
    Copper colored Pale Ale with a smooth malt body. Hopsteiner experimental hop 6297 give notes of grape and 9236 give grapefruit and citrus.
  • Baltic Porter5.9%
    Brewed using lager yeast and true to the Baltic Porter style, expect a complex mouth feel with hints of chocolate, caramel and roasted coffee.
  • Lumberjack Mountain Brown7.7%
    A malty and rich Brown Ale brewed with all experimental hop 472 which give notes of fresh cut cedar, vanilla, oak, and finishes with a light citrus.
  • Fuzzy Sweater6.5%
    A flavorful Wheat IPA brewed with all Cashmere hops!

Class 2

  • Rubaeus5.7%
  • Nitro Rubaeus5.7%
  • Imperial Stout10.5%
  • Curmudgeon9.8%
  • Breakfast Stout8.3%
  • Nitro Breakfast Stout8.3%
    The smooth, creamy Nitrogen-fueled version of our Double Coffee Chocolate Oatmeal Stout.
  • Boyl'R Mayk'R7.9%
    A Corn-based Extra Pale Ale aged in Oak Bourbon Barrels.
  • Grease Monkey IPA9.6%
    A Taproom-exclusive Double IPA that starts with a deep resin hop character and finishes with tropical fruitiness.

Class 3

  • Backwoods Bastard11.2%
  • Lizard of Koz10.5%
  • Frootwood8%
  • Barrel-Aged Curmudgeon13%
    An Old Ale brewed with Molasses and aged on Oak, then aged 678 days in Oak Bourbon Barrels.
  • KBS '1711.8%
    An imperial stout brewed with a massive amount of coffee and chocolate, then cave-aged in oak bourbon barrels for an entire year.


Growler pricing and information:

Growler refills for Class 1 beers are $10, refills for Class 2 beers are $17. (For Mug Club Members: $8 & $15, respectively.) We will fill growlers that are not our own as long as they are clean, rinsed and free of contamination; we do this to avoid compromising the quality of our product. We recommend consumption within 48 hours. Nitrogen-driven, specialty, and some taproom one-off beers are not available in growlers. Questions? Give us a call 616.776.1195 or ask your server or bartender.

New, empty growlers are $5.