Order Beer for Home Delivery With Minibar

We know it can be difficult for some people to get access to our beer during this pandemic. We have a solution for you. We’ve partnered with Minibar to offer home delivery!

15 packs of Founder's All Day IPA

Minibar works with local stores so you can order our beer virtually using your smartphone or computer. Visit their site here for more information on what beers are available in your area and have them delivered to your doorstep! Right now, you can get $10 off your first order with the code FOUNDERS. If that’s not a reason to get delivery, what is?

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8 Comments on “Order Beer for Home Delivery With Minibar”
  1. Brad

    Do you deliver to south Carolina

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      The delivery area is subject to availability. You’ll want to type in your address to see if they offer delivery in your area. We also have a partnership with Drizly. Each of them have different delivery areas.

  2. James

    Do you deliver in washington state?

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Delivery areas are based on the delivery service. Put in your address to see what products are available. We also work with Drizly – both companies cover different markets so it would be best to check both.

  3. Phillip

    Curious if the centennial IPA 15pak from founders is available. And what the date on the box would be. Thanks.

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      The availability of certain beers depends on where you live and what retailers in your area have in stock. Minibar works like any other delivery service – they pick it up from local retailers and bring it to you, we don’t supply them directly with beer.

  4. Dennis

    Do you deliver to north bay California?? I’m ready to order.

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      You will want to check with each delivery provider. If you enter your zip code on their website it will show you what beer is available. They each have their own delivery areas so it’s best to check both if one doesn’t offer their service in your area.

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