2020 Availability Calendar Updates

It’s 2020 availability calendar announce time! Check out the full calendar below:

Founders Brewing Co. availability calendar

2020 Availability Calendar

In addition to everything we shared with you this week, we’re also happy to announce that Pilsner and Mosaic Promise will return to the seasonal lineup plus Underground Mountain Brown will return to the Barrel-Aged Series! There will be a few more surprises throughout the year so make sure to follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date.

Founders Red's Rye IPA banner

Red’s Rye IPA to be First Release in Michigan-Exclusive Series

The hands-down favorite beer among Founders employees is officially coming to cans next March! We’ll be launching a brand-new series of beers exclusive to our home state and we couldn’t think of a better one to kick it off than Red’s Rye IPA. Find it in 6-pack cans and on draft across the state in March 2020 (and, yes, it will still be available on draft across the country).

More to come on the series soon!

Man holding Founders Devil Dancer Triple IPA bottle

Devil Dancer

The 11th release in our Mothership Series is Devil Dancer! When you dance with the devil, the devil don’t change. You do. Massive in complexity, the huge malt character balances the insane amount of alphas used to create it. 12% ABV. This triple IPA will be available on January 22, 2020 in 6-pack bottles and on draft in our Grand Rapids taproom. It will ship out on draft everywhere else in early February.


Bottle of Founders 4 Giants IPA

4 Giants IPA

We’ve made a lot of imperial IPAs over the years and, in turn, have had a lot of arguments over which one is the absolute best. So, to settle this once and for all, our brewers mashed up four of our favorite recipes into the ultimate imperial IPA. 4 Giants boasts aggressive bitterness balanced by a malty, sweet backbone while huge aromatics come courtesy of the seven American hop varieties. 9.2% ABV, 80 IBUs.

4 Giants IPA will be available across our distribution footprint in 4-packs of 12oz bottles and on draft as early as April 2020 through June 2020. Please note that Utah will not be receiving draft. Taproom release is TBD.

Skeleton hand holding bottle of Founders Más Agave

Más Agave Returns!

Margarita lovers, rejoice! Our barrel-aged imperial gose brewed with lime, agave and sea salt will be making its return to the lineup in May 2020. Expect to find Más Agave in 4-packs of 12oz bottles, 750mL bottles and on draft across our distribution footprint.

Bottles of Founders KBS

KBS Returns as Year-Round Offering

KBS will make its grand return in February 2020, this time as a year-round addition to the brand calendar! It will be available in 4-packs of 12oz bottles and on draft across our distribution footprint.

This beer taught us that patience truly is a virtue. As you may know, KBS is a big imperial stout brewed with a massive amount of coffee and chocolate and then bourbon barrel-aged to perfection. Incredibly silky and full-bodied with notes of vanilla, cocoa, roasted coffee and charred oak. ABV should be around 12%.
Cans of Founders Centennial IPA

Centennial IPA New Package Types

Centennial IPA is getting a couple of new package types: a 6-pack can and a 19.2oz can! You can expect to find these new packages beginning in late February across our 50-state distribution footprint. Don’t worry, it will continue to be available in 15-pack cans, 6-pack bottles and on draft.
Can of Founders Unraveled IPA

Unraveled IPA

We unraveled some of our favorite American hops to get to the juicy goodness inside. Dry hopped with traditional hop pellets along with lupulin powder, an innovative hop product that separates lupulin from the hop flower, Unraveled IPA is incredibly flavorful and aromatic. Wheat and oats form a smooth backdrop to carry all those wonderful hop characteristics, while the pour is beautifully clear. 6.6% ABV, 50 IBUs.

Unraveled IPA will be available year-round in 6-pack cans and on draft beginning in early March 2020 across our distribution footprint. Taproom release date is TBD. This is the beer formerly known as Mucho Lupu that was part of our Mothership Series.

We’ll be sharing more 2020 availability calendar announcements throughout the week – stay tuned!

Look for more details about the beer on TwitterFacebook and Instagram closer to the release.


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18 Comments on “2020 Availability Calendar Updates”
  1. Paul Lindo

    Doom???? not on the calendar for 2020?

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Nope, sorry pal!

  2. Joska

    Do you have any t-shirts for sale?

  3. Scott Helmholdt

    I didn’t see Azteca on the calendar is this discontinued? I hope not really look forward to this in the winter months.

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      It’s not coming back in 2020, unfortunately.

  4. What is the significance of the various colors used in the graph?

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Just to help differentiate visually the various brands we’re releasing. No significance beyond that.

  5. steven douglas

    When are you bringing back ” Lizzard of Koz”?

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      No plans at this point, but we never say never.

  6. Patrick Daly

    When will frootwood be making a return because nothing comes close to that perfectly crafted beer .please bring it back !!!

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Time will tell…

  7. Myrna Myers

    OMG! KBS available all year long!!! My late husband would have come to Grand Rapids to personally hug you all! Now his grandson and I might have to! THANK YOU ALL!!

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      It’s our pleasure.

  8. Wishing you were bringing back Blushing monk…customers love it!!!

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      We’ll keep it in mind for 2021!

  9. Will you be selling the availability calendars in poster form?

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      No, we don’t have any plans to do that, unfortunately.

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