KBS Week 2018

KBS Week 2018 will take place in Grand Rapids and Detroit from March 5-10.

Get all the details, including bottle release info, tapping locations and more here: http://kbsweek.com/

Founders KBS week 2018 promotion

Hope to see you there!

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3 Comments on “KBS Week 2018”
  1. Brian


    Can you please provide the link to where customers can purchase tickets for the KBS release on February 2nd. I thought it would be on ticket fly like the CBS ticket release. But it is not there, or I just can’t seem to locate it. Please advise..

  2. LEE

    I want to buy a couple cases. Of the KBS. Where would I find it. I am in Tewksbury Mass

  3. Brad cross

    When will it come to Minneapolis

Are you old enough for this adventure?

( At least 21 years old )