Welcome to the Cadre!

Welcome to the Cadre!

Well, well, well. We finally started this thing we’ve been daydreaming about forever. And I couldn’t be more excited. In the 16 years I’ve been with Founders, our customers have grown from a handful of regulars to a huge group of fans from across the country… even the world! What?!

Among those fans, there are those that go just a little bit farther in showing their loyalty. Whether it be through always bringing a sixer of Dirty Bastard to your family get-togethers to help sway the non-believers or waiting in line in thirty-degree temps all for the promise of a couple bottles of beer, you have proven to us that not all Founder’s fans are created equal.

So, to celebrate you loyalists, we created the Cadre.

Founders brewer in front of beer barrels

This is where you will get your news on what the heck I’m working on before anyone else and when we may be able to meet up when I’m out on the road (keep an eye out for Cadre-only events). Also, you will be the first to hear about new beers, our ever-expanding distribution and opportunities to snag exclusive Cadre gear (like the sweet shirt I’m sporting).

Thank you for your loyalty over the years and consider this your entry into the Founders Family. We are so happy you are here.

Jeremy Kosmicki, Brewmaster

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