2017 Update: Seasonals Coming to 15-pack Cans

We promised some 2017 updates for you this week so let’s get started, shall we? We were the first in craft to offer a beer in a 15-pack can package with All Day IPA and, you all seemed to like it so much that we decided to put our entire seasonal lineup in 15-pack cans!


That’s right, beginning in 2017 (or even a bit sooner in some regions), Azacca IPA will be available in 6-pack bottles and 15-pack cans. Our summer seasonal, PC Pils and fall seasonal, Mosaic Promise will follow suit.

Azacca IPA will be available January – March; PC Pils will be available April – August; Mosaic Promise will be available September – December.

And, of course, you can continue to expect All Day IPA in 15-pack cans and 6-pack bottles as well.

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