Big Lushious Will Be Released for the Holidays

We plan to introduce Big Lushious, a chocolate raspberry stout, this December to mark the eleventh installment in our Backstage Series. Like all of our Backstage Series beers, Big Lushious will be sold in 750mL bottles, with a suggested retail price of $14.99 per bottle.

big_lushious_bottle_hi_rezBig Lushious is a deep, rich stout that’s packed with flavor: roasted malts, all-natural dark chocolate, a subtle suggestion of burnt coffee grounds and a kiss of tart raspberries. At 7.8% ABV, it’s big, sumptuous and extravagant, but also balanced.

“We thought Big Lushious would make a great release for the holidays,” said Co-Founder and Vice President of Brand & Education Dave Engbers. “It’s a luxurious beer for us. It’s meant for bringing to parties and is perfect for sharing with friends and family after a feast.”

Big Lushious will be released in limited quantities across our distribution footprint beginning on Monday, November 24 (note: updated from Monday, December 1, as previously announced), and will be available at our taproom that same week. This will be our last Backstage Series release in 2014—look for more in 2015.

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25 Comments on “Big Lushious Will Be Released for the Holidays”
  1. Jael a.k.a Sxymxrn

    Will there be any presale? Any way I can reserve or is it a must be there to buy? … Really want to get hands on.

    • Sarah

      We do not plan to have a ticketed release for our taproom with this beer, so you must be present to buy it when it comes out. Cheers!

  2. Yoi guys need to create a G+ account. I have 11 followers and Craft Beer Nation has over 14 and Would be much easier to share your stuff rather than copy the link all the time. 😉

    • Sarah

      We have a G+ account, it just isn’t active. It’s not a focus for us at this point.

  3. ryan gee

    $17 for a stout that sounds a lot like something that taproom visitors can get with a 70/30 mix of breakfast stout and rubeaus… I think you guys are a bit off. Just means i will drink more Shorts products.

    • Sarah

      This beer is not simply a mix of other beers–it is an original recipe. The ingredients used in Big Lushious are expensive. Our costs are what dictate pricing.

  4. ryan gee

    $16.99/750mL = $0.6699/oz
    6 PACK PRICE (72 OZ): $48.24
    4 PACK PRICE (48 OZ): $32.16

    • andrew

      still beating out surge currently ($1.17 / oz)

  5. Diane

    Is there a date for release?

  6. Diane

    I see the date now

  7. Evan

    Do you guys have a publicly available list of state by state shops that will receive distribution?

    • Sarah

      We do not–our distributors handle retail allocations.

  8. Matt

    Agree with Ryan. Where is the justification in selling a bomber of this at 75 percent the cost of a 4 pack of KBS? Besides the fact that this beer hasn’t even been barrel aged and taken up storage place, the “ingredients” can’t possibly be that expensive when Rubeaus and KBS are selling for what they are. How many pounds of raspberries and chocolate go into each bottle??

    • Adam

      So you want Budweiser pricing for Founders quality. Good luck with that.

    • Kay

      I also agree with Ryan, I’ve been doing the 50/50 breakfast and rubeaus mix for a while now for way less than the “retail” on this.

      Adam as a reply to your founders fan boy comment, I Would like you to point out where Matt stated that he wanted a founders beer at a Budweiser price….

  9. Jazzwalker

    Raises hand….:) Please tell me there will be a special glass released for this brew? I love me some Founders in special Founders glasses! Although my dream would be to have my KBS in the original glass….yea, I know. But I can dream can’t I? Thanks

    • Sarah

      We’ll definitely consider making a special glass for this beer–thanks for the interest! Cheers!

  10. Summer

    Im pretty excited! I love Founders and I’m willing to pay for the product especially when you are making this one when raspberries are not even in season. Cherise was a favorite but is no more 🙁 Always looking foward to what you have brewing up! Cheers

    • Sarah

      We think you’ll enjoy it! Cheers, Summer!

    • Sarah

      Let us know what you think of it when it comes out later this year!

  11. Lisa

    Could not be more excited for this!!! We were there in July when you guys had a pilot “Chocolate Rasberry Stout” beer on tap…is this the same recipe? Anyway, there were 4 of us, all with VERY different tastes and we all LOVED the beer! That’s saying something! Great job guys!

    • Sarah

      Hi Lisa–Glad to hear that! We did have an early, experimental version of this beer on tap in our taproom over the summer. You and your friends will have to get some Big Lushious when it comes out later this year and see how it compares! Cheers!

  12. ryan gee

    So it must not have been that expensive to make if you are already dropping the price $3….. hummmmmmmm

    • Sarah

      We re-evaluated our costs and found that we were able to make this $2 price decrease work.

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