Reintroducing Black Rye in 2015

We plan to reintroduce Black Rye, a dry-hopped dark ale brewed with copious amounts of rye malt, as a seasonal release in January 2015 with availability through March. Black Rye will be available throughout our distribution footprint both on draft and in 12 oz. bottles with a suggested retail price of $10.99 per 4-pack.

Founders Black Rye bottle shot

We brewed Black Rye for the first time in 2006—it was available for less than a year, but it developed a cult following. And we decided to reach into our recipe vault and bring it back for 2015.

“Because of how quickly the craft beer enthusiast community has grown, most people drinking craft beer and even Founders beer today have never tried Black Rye,” said Dave Engbers, co-founder and vice president of brand and education. “Officially, this beer is a re-introduction. But for most, it’s a new Founders beer.”

Black Rye is a perfectly balanced blend of German- and American-grown hops, premium 2-row barley and heavily kilned rye and wheat malts. It’s 7.5% ABV and measures at 78 IBUs. There’s no category that can contain it—it’s a true Founders original.

“Black Rye is one of those beers that we kept coming back to in our conversations about new releases,” said Jeremy Kosmicki, Founders’ brewmaster. “There are so many craft beers out there, but this one has its place because there’s nothing else quite like it.”

Black Rye will kick off our seasonal calendar in 2015, with availability from roughly January to March, dependent on distributor shipments. It will be released in our taproom on draft and in bottles as of January 2015. Our other seasonal releases in 2015 will be Rubaeus, from April to September, and Breakfast Stout, from October to December. Our full 2015 availability calendar will be announced later this year.

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7 Comments on “Reintroducing Black Rye in 2015”
  1. Adam

    Does this mean Reds Rye IPA will no longer be bottled and just a taproom offering?

    • Sarah

      Red’s Rye IPA will continue to be available year-round on draft, not just in our taproom but throughout our distribution footprint.

  2. James

    Adam, it seems that this will be replacing Red’s Rye (my favorite) in bottles. Too bad there can’t be 4 seasonal beers!

  3. Zac

    Will there be an Black Rye merch? Shirts and what not?

    • Sarah

      Yes, we will most definitely have Black Rye merch closer to its launch date.

  4. Scott

    I love Black Rye. I think when both beers where out, many people did not enjoy the Black Rye at the time. The roastyness and rye character was not what most people were use to. Now with Black IPA’s and rye beers being brewed everywhere, now is a good time to try it out again.

    • Sarah

      We love hearing from long-time fans, and you must be one if you’re a Black Rye fan! 🙂 You’ll have to let us know how Black Rye compares with your memory of it when it’s released again in January.

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