All Day IPA 15-Packs Coming This Spring

We’re excited to announce 15-pack cans of All Day IPA will begin shipping to our distributor partners in March, replacing All Day IPA 12-pack cans without raising the suggested retail price.


This is the first time a major craft brewery has put out a 15-pack.

“We are able to offer 15-pack cans due to production efficiencies from packaging cost savings,” said Co-Founder Mike Stevens. “We’re excited to pass the savings on to our customers as a way of saying thank you for their reception of All Day IPA.”

Developing the All Day IPA recipe was no easy task. “We recognized the need for a full-flavored IPA with a lower ABV,” said Co-Founder Dave Engbers. “The challenge was creating a beer that had intense hop aromatics balanced with the malts without packing a big ABV punch.”

Following a limited release in 2012 due to hop shortages, we were able to send All Day IPA to all of our markets in February 2013, and it quickly became our leading seller. We moved the beer from our seasonal to our year-round lineup in July of last year. All Day IPA was the first Founders product to be released in cans; 12-pack cans of the beer hit the market in August 2013.

All Day IPA is a 4.7% ABV session ale, brewed with Simcoe and Amarillo hops and measuring out at 42 IBUs. We set our minds to brewing this beer because we wanted an American IPA that worked with an active lifestyle. It has won numerous awards, including a silver medal in the session beer category at the GABF in 2010 under a working name and, most recently, a 2014 Good Food Award.

Centennial IPA, the newest addition to our canned offerings, will remain in 12-packs. All Day IPA will still be available in the traditional six-pack bottles in addition to 15-pack cans. Other beers from our portfolio may be canned, as well, but those brands have yet to be determined.

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12 Comments on “All Day IPA 15-Packs Coming This Spring”
  1. fatheadcarl

    I really hope that your beer retailers will actually pass this savings onto the customers – I, unfortunately, suspect that the retailers will just up the prices.

    A big fan, Fat Head Carl.

    • Sarah

      We cannot control retailer pricing, but we will work with our distributor partners to do what we can to ensure this savings will be passed along to our customers. Cheers!

  2. IckerBowie

    Will these 15-packs be a permanent change or will it be until excess production is crushed by fans such as myself?

    • Sarah

      They will be a permanent change.

  3. Jorge

    Will the brewers dozen be available at the tap room?

    • Rick Fortier

      Yes they will.

  4. Ben Mackie


  5. Kyle

    In PA, we usually have to buy by the case, I know I can get a case of 30 of certain things. Will this mean cases of All Day IPA cans be 30 packs?


    • Sarah

      We are working on a solution for PA right now. Please stay tuned.

    • Andrew

      The 12 packs are available for purchase at Giant Eagles…I think the rule for buying at a six pack shop is less than 192 ounces, so they should be able to sell these.

  6. ian

    good deal, now how about breakfast stout in six packs?

    • Sarah

      Breakfast Stout remained in four-packs when we shuffled around our availability calendar going into 2013. It will remain in four-packs this year.

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