Overlooking the brewing facilities, our taproom allows customers a look into where the beer magic happens. It’s a great testing ground for us, and on any particular day you will find numerous beers on draft available only here in our taproom. The unique offering of specialty beers, the laid back atmosphere, and thrice-weekly live music has helped to make our taproom a staple in the Grand Rapids community and a destination for travelers. Stop by whenever you can and experience it for yourself.

PLEASE NOTE: Beers with an asterisk (*) are available exclusively at the Grand Rapids Taproom. Beers with 2 asterisk (**) are available exclusively at both Grand Rapids and Detroit Taprooms.

Tap selection subject to availability. Please call 616.776.1195 first to confirm!

Grand Rapids taproom as of May 28th at 12:36 pm:

Class 1

  • *Cerveza Cascara 5.1 %
    A dark Mexican-style lager brewed with Cascara, the dried fruit from coffee beans, for subtle raisin and tea-like character. Malt sweetness and smooth lager yeast notes make this an easy-drinking beer.
  • Cow Jumped the Shark 7.3 %
    Brewed with milk sugar for a sweet body and slight creaminess, this IPA simply bursts with dank citrus and tropical hop aromas while maintaining a low bitterness. *Allergen - Contains Lactose*
  • *Drunk Uncle Porter 6.3 %
    A Porter brewed with Semi-sweet Chocolate, Cocoa Nibs and Lactose for a rich, sweet and chocolatey experience that brings to mind a hot cocoa. ALLERGAN ALERT***CONTAINS DAIRY***
  • *Erin Red Ale 5.4 %
    An Irish-style Red Ale displaying malty sweetness that pairs perfectly with the celebration of a traditional St. Patty’s.
  • *First Pitch Amber Lager 5.6 %
    This deliciously crush-able Amber Lager is brewed with a winning combination of German Pilsner, honey and caramel malts. The product is a smooth, slightly sweet, and balanced lager. Definitely a "home-run" of a beer!
  • *Hogwit Belgian Wheat 5.3 %
    Displaying the classic banana and clove characteristics iconic to this Belgian Wit style, we added our own twist by aging the beer on orange peel and coriander to grant a light citrus finish.

Class 2

  • *Eiskaffee 8.2 %
    The newest version of our Golden Stout! Ferris Guatemalan coffee imparts rich aromas of chocolate and cocoa. Vanilla beans and cocoa nibs compliment the coffee and lactose sugar lends a smooth, sweet, finish.
  • *Quad Pro Quo 8.9 %
    A Belgian Strong Ale brewed with Dark Crystal Malts for a reddish/amber hue and sweet, rich body. The Belgian yeast imparts strong fruit and clove aromas.
  • *Sultana of Swig Double IPA 9.6 %
    A Double IPA brewed with Flaked Oats and Honey Malt. Bravo, Galaxy and Simcoe hops provide the bitterness and flavor profile while a huge Sultana dry hop provides a resinous, citrus and fruity aroma blast.

Class 3

  • *12 Feet Under 14.3 %
    Our 2018 Founders Family Holiday Beer. A twice barrel-aged and twice dry-hopped Barrel-Aged Imperial IPA. It's oaky, sweet, and sultry.
  • *French Toast Bastard - Mothership #10 11.1 %
    Backwoods Bastard gets the 4-star breakfast treatment. Our bourbon barrel-aged Scotch Ale is introduced to maple syrup, cinnamon, and sweet vanilla for a decadent brunch-inspired sipper.Breakfast for dinner, anyone?
  • *Mas Agave Prickly Pear 9.5 %
    Our base Mas Agave recipe finished with Prickly Pear concentrate instead of lime. More fruit forward than the normal Mas.

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