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Star Wars Day: 15-Pack X-Wing Template

All wings report in!

Have you ever wanted to join the Rebel Alliance or build your own X-wing starfighter but found yourself inconveniently living in reality? Well, you’re in luck, pilot! Now you can build your own squadron with our handy-dandy and easy-to-make X-wing template and an empty cardboard 15-pack:

Star Wars X wing made from a 15-pack carrier

15-Pack X-Wing Construction

Use these templates to cut out the necessary pieces from your favorite empty Founders 15-pack and fit them together to create your very own X-wing! Share your completed creations with us on our social media channels and we’ll share our favorites! FBCxStarWars_XwingTemplate

X-wing cut out template XWING TEMPLATE 2

May the Force be with you!

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