New Product Release: Mas Agave Premium Hard Seltzer

This announcement is the first of its kind for us at Founders – a true watershed moment for our brewery. We’re moving beyond beer and heading into an entirely new frontier. Introducing…

three cans of mas agave seltzer with fruit in foreground

Más Agave Premium Hard Seltzer

Creativity. Flavor. Innovation. Our high-quality approach brought us to the forefront of the beer conversation. It also leads us here: meet Más Agave Premium Hard Seltzer. We’ve elevated your usual seltzer by adding premium ingredients: blue agave nectar, cane sugar, real fruit juice and a dash of sea salt for good measure. With a bold aroma and crisp taste, it’s a refreshing foray into the future. 4.5% ABV.

Like many good things, Más Agave Premium Hard Seltzer was born out of necessity. The wife of our VP of Marketing, Sandy, thought Más Agave (the beer) was a bit too strong. So, he cut it with some seltzer and she absolutely loved it. Sandy brought the concept to Mike (CEO) and they tested it by going to the taproom, buying some bottles of Más Agave and getting some seltzer water from the bar – BOOM! a new product concept was born. Our Brewmaster and R&D Brewer then spent months honing the recipe in – they took the same craft approach used for our beer for this seltzer – and came up with the most refreshing and great-tasting seltzer ever. It’s just so incredibly good.

Más Agave Premium Hard Seltzer will be available in 6-packs of 12oz cans in two different flavors: lime and strawberry and for the very first time in our history, a variety 15-pack of 12oz cans will also be released with grapefruit as the third flavor. 6-packs, variety 15-packs and draft will start shipping to MI, IL, AZ, TX, FL, PA, NJ, MA and NV (Las Vegas only) and be available at retailers in October 2020. Más Agave Premium Hard Seltzer will become available nationwide in the spring of 2021!

Find nutrition info here:

Más Agave Premium Hard Seltzer Strawberry
Más Agave Premium Hard Seltzer Lime
Más Agave Premium Hard Seltzer Grapefruit


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22 Comments on “New Product Release: Mas Agave Premium Hard Seltzer”
  1. David

    Looking forward to this! Any word on the carbs per can?

  2. David

    See you posted the nutrition at the bottom!

    • Founders Brewing Co.


  3. Jenn F

    Is the Más Agave Premium Hard Seltzer gluten free?


    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Sure is!

  4. Gary Meyers

    Excellent artwork on the can! I look forward to trying this in Florida.

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Glad you dig it!

  5. Evan

    The draw of hard seltzer for me is mostly the low carb factor. I see the 110 calories but the addition of cane sugar and fruit juice makes me wonder how high the carb count will be on these. Hoping it’s not too high because I’m definitely interested!

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      The carb count is 6g (Lime) and 7g (Grapefruit, Strawberry) – worth a shot?

  6. Pat Wagner

    I can hardly wait for this in Florida! Especially since Rubaeus is now not available!

  7. Ben

    Is this gluten free?

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      They sure are!

  8. Mark

    Are these gluten free?

    • Founders Brewing Co.


  9. Nicolette Schneider

    I’m in Southern Indiana, near Louisville, KY. I patiently await trying these seltzers. I personally am fine with the Mas Agave Lime and Grapefruit beers!! I love getting your emails, and end up on a scavenger hunt down here trying to locate the seasonal beers!! Marvelroast is delicious, I finally found that at the beginning of August. It is like the lighter cousin of Breakfast Stout and CBS.
    The risk of the bringing the covid-19 virus home, is the only reason my yearly Detroit, Michigan trip was canceled. The virus could kill my dad, he is high risk.
    Thank you for distributing your beers to Meijers!! I hope that this new one is sent down to Southern Indiana before 2021!!!

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      It sure will! In the spring of 2021.

  10. Philip Fontenette

    will it be available in CA anytime soon?

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Yep – Spring 2021!

  11. Keshia

    Will it be shipped to Oklahoma?

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      It will – in the spring of 2021!

  12. When will the original Mas Agave in bottles be available again in Eastern Pennsylvania?
    Thank you.

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