Cocktail Recipes: Civilized Brutini

Looking to up your cocktail game? We’ve got just the thing to impress the most sophisticated cocktail drinker. The ‘Civilized Brutini’ is inspired by the one and only Vesper Martini – but you don’t need to be James Bond to enjoy this one. Big thanks to our resident bartender, Nic, for yet another home run of a beer cocktail:

Founders Civilized Brut IPA in can and in glass

Civilized Brutini

Serve neat in a coupe glass or your favorite martini glass

Tools needed: beaker, swizzle, Jigger, Julep strainer**

*Build in beaker


Add gin, vodka and Civilized Brut IPA to the beaker. Add ice. Stir (don’t shake) 25-30 times. Strain into coupe/martini glass. Garnish with lemon peel. Enjoy!

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