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Solid Gold by James Lacroix

We recently collaborated with Packaging Machine Operator and incredible photographer, James Lacroix, for a series of photos celebrating Solid Gold.

The Founders Family is filled with folks whose talents reach far beyond beer and James is proof of that. A freelance portrait and product photographer, James minimalist style is inspired by cinema, clean lines and repetition. His interest in visual art and cinema began at a young age and he explored that interest through photography while in high school. He went on to study photography at Kendall College of Art and Design here in Grand Rapids. He now balances his photography business with working at Founders. When asked what his ‘What If‘ is, James asked, “What if I could make having my own studio a reality?”

James wanted to stay true to his personal style when approaching the Solid Gold project. That meant employing repetition, clean lines and color, while also considering the flavor of Solid Gold – light, crisp and refreshing. As James says, “This series of images is a representation of my experience at the intersection of my creative career and my work at Founders – it’s a presentation of craft.”

We believe in the people who work at Founders, even if their dreams lie outside of the walls of this brewery. We’re confident that James is able to answer his ‘what if’ and we hope this helped him get one step closer.

Check out his work below and follow him here for more.

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Cans of Founders Solid Gold

Can of Founders Solid Gold

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