ArtPrize Beers Over the Years

Did you know we’ve been partners with ArtPrize for the past six years? And each of those years, we’ve brewed a beer to support the sponsorship of the event? It’s true and we thought it would be fun to take a look back on the ArtPrize releases of yore:

Inspired Artist Black IPA

Inspired Artist Black IPA kicked off the Artist Series and our partnership with ArtPrize in 2013. The label art was created by local artist Kevin O’Rourke.
Bottle of Founders Inspired Artist Black IPA

Mosaic Promise

Did you know that Mosaic Promise launched its career in 2014 as a beer to benefit ArtPrize? It’s true! The label art was adapted from a gorgeous stained glass piece of Ninkasi – the ancient Sumerian goddess of beer. Initially created by Kolenda Art Glass as an entry for ArtPrize 2013, the work was purchased and made a permanent fixture in the taproom. Mosaic Promise is a single hop ale featuring Mosaic hops and Golden Promise malt. It is currently available from August through November.

Bottle of Founders Mosaic Promise

Spectra Trifecta

Spectra Trifecta was the third release brewed to benefit ArtPrize and perhaps the most out-of-the-box in terms of flavor profile. A kolsch brewed with chamomile, ginger and lemongrass, Spectra Trifecta challenged our brewing prowess. Also, it was also the first time we reached out to our Founders Family to create the label artwork. That honor went to Alexis Brooke whose pen and ink drawings perfectly fit the character of the beer.

Bottle of Founders Spectra Trifecta

Pale Joe

Pale Joe was the fourth release in our Artist Series. This golden ale featured gently roasted, fruit-forward coffee provided by our friends at Ferris Coffee & Nut. Once again, we reached out to our talentedFounders Family to create the label art for this release. Lead Cellar Operator, Aaron Rossell, was chosen for his striking character illustrations and unexpected use of color.Bottle of Founders Pale Joe

Green Zebra

Green Zebra was the fifth release in the series and one of the most popular. A gose brewed with watermelon and sea salt, Green Zebra represented our take on a unique German style. The striking label was designed by the taproom’s Jacob Wiseheart and perfectly complemented the beer’s vibrant character.

Can of Founders Green Zebra


Trigo marks the sixth and most recent release in our Artist series. Brewed with our friends from Mahou, Trigo is a wheat lager featuring our favorite American hops. The artwork was creating by chef/painter Cody Levon and pays homage to the beer’s Spanish roots.

Can of Founders Trigo

Learn more about ArtPrize here and make sure to explore Grand Rapids through October 3 to experience it for yourself!

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