Our Brewmaster Answers Your Questions!

Cadre, you asked and he answered! Our Brewmaster, Jeremy, sat down with a beer (a Barrel-Aged Curmudgeon) and he answered everything from whether or not we’ll ever brew a sour (his acid reflux says maybe not) to what his favorite beer of all time is and more. Watch below.

A bit about Jeremy:
Jeremy started out his brewing career as a humble homebrewer with a knack for writing recipes and creating damn good beer. A friend got him a job at Founders and Jeremy quickly moved up the ranks from working on the packaging line to head brewer in five short years. In that time, he was instrumental in the development and creations of classics like Breakfast Stout and Dirty Bastard. In his current role as Brewmaster, he works on developing recipes with our R&D Brewer, sources ingredients and travels on behalf of the brewery. He also shreds a mean guitar (as you may have noticed in the Doom announcement video).

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