Mango Magnifico + BBQ = Oh Yeah

Here to tell us about his latest adventures in the beer and food pairing world, our Education Team’s finest, Mike Willcox: 

Our latest Backstage Series beer, Mango Magnifico, is a unique palate extravaganza all by itself. It enters with a smooth, mellow mango sweetness that caresses your mouth into relaxed submission and finishes with a habanero warmth that is more of a sizzle than a burn. Brews this complex can be the most fun to pair with food.

Most pairings are either about resonance, pairing like flavors with like flavors; or contrast, pairing flavors together that differ greatly but combine in a pleasing way. Mango Magnifico, with a flavor profile that relies heavily on both sweetness and heat, gives you the chance to do both. This is a glass of glow that can cover a lot of territory.

The mango sweetness of this beer is prominent enough to cut right through some truly rich dishes. I would personally stay away from steaks or chops, but Mango Magnifico and some really good barbecue? Good lord! Thinking about what Mango Magnifico would do next to a pulled pork sandwich, a nice brisket, or a half chicken makes me want to quit my job and eat until my heart explodes. The wrong kind of sweet can do awful things to barbecue but the well-balanced mango should contrast with the saltiness and smokey flavors beautifully. That heat at the end? I’ve never met barbecue that is scared of heat, and I hope I never do. Don’t overlook the possibilities of using a little of this beer in your homemade barbecue sauces and marinades either.

If you make a trip to our bustling and grooving taproom soon you can try a snifter next to our pulled pork sandwich, the Backwoods Bastard. Our pulled pork is smoked in house by the rowdies in the deli and I can personally attest to the magic of this pairing. Being a true professional who is dedicated to his work I investigated this myself. Twice. Ok, three times.

Have fun with this beer, ya’ll! The pairing possibilities are endless with this complicated bottle of beautiful. If you find a pairing that knocks rocks your socks off please let us know so that we can try it ourselves, and if anyone decides to try braising a pork belly in Mango Magnifico don’t be afraid to bring some by my office. Much love!


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