Azacca IPA Food Pairings

Named for the Haitian god of agriculture, our Azacca IPA boasts intense, tropical fruit aroma and a flavor profile that includes citrus, mango and orchard fruits. This beer was designed to give the unique and experimental Azacca hop the opportunity to shine – and in turn, it can do the same to foods it is paired with.

Mike from our education team has put together a few ideas for foods that would make a perfect partner to our latest seasonal, Azacca IPA.

Founders Azacca beer with sandwich

Here’s Mike’s take on things:

IPAs are fun to pair with because they present a bit of a challenge. They rarely work in perfect harmony with anything. Sometimes they serve a supporting role, working to amplify flavors in bold foods. Other times they are undeniably the star of the show as they have the power to overshadow simple dishes.

Our latest seasonal beer, Azacca IPA, is a little different, though. This is a super fun beer to pair with. Azacca IPA features a pleasing aroma of mango, citrus, and even some orchard fruit. At Founders, its our style to make sure that the malt bill is as much a part of the experience as the hops – even in super hop-forward beers like Azacca IPA. The unique malt bill is designed specifically to allow single-hope beers like this one to shine. Because of this emphasis on malt, our IPAs can tend to play outside of typical IPA pairing suggestions.

This eclectic aroma and sweet malt presence in Azacca IPA can bring it to some places I wouldn’t normally go with an IPA. While the alpha acids that create a bitter taste are definitely notable, it’s a smooth bitterness. Common IPA pairing recommendations like Indian, Thai, shellfish, grilled or roasted poultry, sharp cheddars and blue cheeses (maybe even pepperjack) will work wonderfully with Azacca IPA. What I really encourage you to try is pairing it with meaty fish – think swordfish, Mahi Mahi and grilled salmon. For the sweet stuff, try bananas foster and apple pie.

I always recommend trying our beer in our Taproom, just a few yards away from where it was brewed. Not only will you be sipping the freshest of the fresh, you’ll also get a chance to try the creations of our talented deli team, who truly know how to “bring it” (is that still a phrase people use?) I’m biased – I started my days at Founders working in the deli. Check out the full menu here.

If you do join us, I would recommend pairing the crab dip appetizer or In Spite of the Club sandwich with Azacca. IPAs tend to grab any spicy heat and smack it up a good ten degrees so you want to be careful pairing them with anything too spicy, but both of these dishes have just the perfect amount of spice to make them a partner to Azacca IPA.

This is a good start, but I believe it’s all about exploring and experimenting on your own. Never shy away from trying out unique and unfamiliar pairings – they might end up being your new favorite.

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