Pure Michigan Video Featuring Founders

Thanks to the folks at Pure Michigan for featuring us in their first “Why Michigan?” video of their series! Check out the interview they did with co-founder Dave Engbers:


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3 Comments on “Pure Michigan Video Featuring Founders”
  1. Hello Founders Brewery: We are getting a bad case of the “shakes” over here in Wisconsin… so we hope you will be getting shipments of Double Trouble out to the stores in Wisconsin very, very soon! Signed, Shakey in Wisconsin.

  2. hey guys just moved to texas.need beer and there is none other like yours,is there anyway i can order some dirty bastarsd and imperal ipa and have it sent to me. sincerly a michigander needin good beer!

    • Sarah

      Hi Jim,

      We can’t ship our beer to you, but some of our retailers can, based on their state laws. One that we tend to send people to is the Wine and Cheese Place. Click here for a link to their website, with a search for “Founders” typed in. It looks like they have a limited selection right now, but it may be worth calling them to see when their next shipment is due to arrive. Cheers from one Michigander to another!

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