Bottling Better Half!

We had an extra-large crew lending a helping hand on the bottling line today because we were running something special: 750mL bottles of Curmudgeon’s Better Half, the next beer in our Backstage Series, to be released on Monday, February 13! (See this blog post from last month for more information.)

Here are some pictures of the newest addition to our Backstage lineup (and the happy Founders Family working hard)!

Founders brewing facility

Founders Curmudgeon’s Better Half bottles on assembly line

Founders Curmudgeon’s Better Half bottles on assembly line


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14 Comments on “Bottling Better Half!”
  1. Nice!! Please ship a few cases to Erie, Pa!

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  3. Can’t wait to try this 1!

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  5. There’s a bottle down on the infeed! Someone get it before it stops the filler!

    • thanks for the heads up, but no worries. our line has multiple checks and sensors to prevent just such a catastrophe. we are very cautious on how we feed the 32 head filler.

    • Cheers from GLBC! I’m just used to shouting “bottle down!”.

  6. Joe

    Who is the girl in the last picture and does she have a boyfriend?
    She’s cute!

    • Sarah

      That’s Marguex Bouwkamp, our recently hired market manager for Michigan, and she’s happily married 🙂

  7. so how are bottle sales gonna work

  8. Brad

    I don’t want to be presumptuous, but would it be safe to say the bottle quantity is close to that of CBS? I’m off the day of, but I’d love to know before I take a long drive in whether there’s a chance of grabbing some in the early afternoon.

    • Sarah

      The bottle quantity at the taproom will be similar to CBS–you can call our taproom and ask how much is left before you make the drive. Taproom phone number: (616) 776-1195.

  9. justin

    Where in the greater Charlotte NC area will I be able to find this?

    • Sarah

      Hi Justin–Please give our NC distributor, Tryon, a call for information on where you can find Better Half near you: (704) 334-0849.

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