Workplace Wellbeing

Since COVID-19 changed the landscape of a traditional workplace in 2020, we recognized that the typical workspace is a thing of the past and enlisted a committee consisting of employees from all four of our departments – administrative, production, retail and sales – to evaluate what our office will look like moving forward. The goal of this committee was to launch a pilot program to lay out a series of proposed changes that may substantially alter how employees will work in 2022 and beyond.

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The three-year program kicked off at the beginning of the year with the first set of proposed changes being presented in Q1 and implemented at the beginning of Q2 with the committee hard at work to evaluate what is important to our employees in this new normal for 2022 and 2023.

The Workplace Wellbeing committee surveyed employees from all departments to understand what is important to our people who have very different job functions. Through employee feedback, research and conversation, our team was able to propose a variety of suggested changes to be considered that would benefit individual departments and the company as a whole.

A few changes that have been implemented this year include:

  • An increased holiday schedule to include Martin Luther King Jr. day and Veterans Day
  • Employee bike racks at all of our locations for those of us who bike to work
  • Drop-in style cubes for anyone to use
  • Filtered water taps throughout the building
  • A phone stipend for certain production leads who use cell phones for work functions
  • An increase in work shirts for our retail team
  • Time and a half for our retail team who work on company observed holidays

The committee will continue to evaluate what is important to our employees and present new suggested changes throughout the next couple of years – both big and small.

We’re constantly committed to evolving and we’re excited to continue to make strides to a more flexible and balanced future.

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