Crafted In Michigan Collaboration Series: Call Your Mom

No, we’re not yelling at you. It’s just the name of the next beer in our Crafted In Michigan Collaboration Series! And we’ll do you one better, this one pays tribute (in part) to a Grand Rapids taproom/Mug Club legend. Let’s get into it:

 750 mL Bottle of Call Your Mom! amidst cinnamon rolls

Crafted In Michigan Collaboration Series: Call Your Mom

Have you called your mom today? When you do, make sure to tell them about the latest release in the Crafted In Michigan Collaboration Series! We’ve partnered with Kelly of Sweet Batches, a Grand Rapids-based bakery that specializes in delectable treats, to bring you Call Your Mom. Brewed with vanilla, cinnamon, maple and sea salt – this lightly sweet and savory brown ale is inspired as much by Kelly’s famous vegan cinnamon buns as it is by her dear mother, Tish. So what are you waiting for? Call Your Mom! 7.6% ABV.

Releasing in 750mL bottles, Call Your Mom will go on sale at both of our taprooms on February 25 at 1pm. Kelly Battjes, proprietor of Sweet Batches, will be onsite from 1-6pm at our Grand Rapids taproom selling her homemade pastries and merchandise!

And finally, some Founders trivia for you: the “Mom” in question in the name ‘Call Your Mom’ is none other than Tish, mother of Kelly and former taproom manager Aimee. Did we blow your mind?

Cheers, and remember to call your Mom!

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3 Comments on “Crafted In Michigan Collaboration Series: Call Your Mom”
  1. Aimee Stevenson

    Oh damnnn I got a mention – how sweet! Can’t wait to attend the release party and taste this deliciousness! So exciting, gonna call my mom about it…

  2. Lynne

    Yes, you blew my mind!!! Wonderful acknowledgment of some great ladies. Thx

  3. Jim

    I hope to be able to find this beer in New York State.

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