86 Bananas

Today’s beer announcement is absolutely bananas (B-A-N-A-N-A-S – c’mon you were all thinking it)! Get ready to meet the next Grand Rapids-based addition to our Crafted In Michigan Collaboration Series with…


Any Colour You LIke It Owners with popsicles behind a bottle of 86 Bananas

86 Bananas

No actual bananas were harmed in the making of our Crafted in MI Collaboration Series beer with Any Colour You Like, a popsicle manufacturer from Grand Rapids, MI. Largely inspired by the bounty of flavors in their banana dragon fruit popsicle, 86 Bananas is a Belgian-style ale with hints of dragon fruit that’s sure to keep you cool on a hot summer’s day – its magenta-hue makes it a little off-beat, but that’s just how Any Colour You Like It rolls – pushing the limits of what a popsicle, and beer, can be. 7% ABV.

86 Bananas will be available on draft and in 750mL bottles exclusively at both of our taprooms starting on August 12 at 11am, with a two-bottle limit on release day. Any Colour You Like will be on-site at our Grand Rapids location starting at 2pm to sling their amazing popsicles and greet their many adoring fans.




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4 Comments on “86 Bananas”
  1. George Alonzo

    Will there be a pre order option?

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Not for this release.

  2. erichatfield90

    Iv been a longtime Founders fan (at least since when I could start drinking legally). Iv enjoyed trying any of the new brews but have been very underwhelmed by them as of late. The quality has seemed to diminish as the beers seem less natural/organic and more fake/unnatural. Would love to see Founders go back to its core and pull out some fan loved classics (Curmudgeon, Lizard of Koz, Tank Bender, DKML, reDankulous, etc.). Was hoping Ultimate Oktoberfest would have been more along the lines of DKML given the maltiness of Oktoberfest but was very disappointed. DKML blew Ultimate Oktoberfest out of the park. I miss Curmudgeon as a staple to the yearly released lineup and Double Trouble (Doom was also a fantastic beer). I’d like to see less experimental and more classic Founders. The experimental beers I mentioned above that were limited released were exceptionally better beers then the experimental stuff released today at mass production. I sure hope the bottom line is working with this marketing strategy but I feel like this is a bit out of touch with the key Founders fans. Just a thought. I have a MBA degree and think some reassessment might need to be had.

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Thank you for your honest notes about our product. We have a rigorous quality assurance department that tests our beer to make sure it stays aligned with our high standards, especially when moving to larger scales of production. Just like any business, we need to experiment and innovate and try new things that might not always work for you and suit your palette, but we’re certain there will always be something in our portfolio for everyone.

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