New Beer Release: Marvelroast

We could all use a little something to look forward to. So how about we announce the next member of our 2020 Limited Series?

What if we told you that this summer we’re making it possible to drink a delicious beer AND iced coffee at the SAME TIME? It started out its life in our Detroit taproom thanks to some inspiration from a Mug Club member and now it’s ready to reveal itself to the world as…

marvelroast announce fbtwitter 2


Take in the wonder that is the marvelous – ahem – “marvelroast” new addition to our coffee beer lineup. We started with an imperial golden ale and brewed it with coffee, vanilla and cocoa nibs. But it doesn’t end there, folks. Milk sugar added during the brewing process lends a smooth and sweet finish, making this a delicious treat reminiscent of your favorite iced coffee drink. 8.0% ABV.

Marvelroast will be available in 4-packs of 12oz bottles from July through September. Please note that Utah will not be receiving Marvelroast on draft.

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3 Comments on “New Beer Release: Marvelroast”
  1. Dorey

    I’m excited. Hopefully this will be available in West Virginia

  2. Jeff

    Looking forward to tasting this beer yummy

  3. Larsen

    Can’t wait to try it. How does the flavor profile compare with Paler Joe?

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