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Chase Your What If

A lot of you have wondered what the hell we’ve been doing over here the past week. Many of you entertained your curiosity and headed to

What If I could Be A Traveling Photographer

Once there, some of you even shared your own ‘what if.’ Well, we’ve read each and every one the submissions, collected our favorites and transformed them into something special. The first image was inspired by our friend @photogjosh and his dream to be a traveling photographer:

“I’ve enjoyed photography since I started playing with my dad’s camera as a kid. I’ve been lucky enough to make it my career, mostly as a newspaper photographer, until I was laid off in 2017. I still really want to travel and photograph different places and people. Being able to explore new places with my family and share it through my viewpoint would be an exciting and fulfilling way to live my life. What if…”

Josh, we hope today that you’re one step closer to answering your ‘what if’ and, if this provides any motivation then we’ve done our job. Because we believe that life is not about simply asking ‘what if’ – it’s about that moment when you answer it. Submit yours at – we’re not done yet.

Next up, we have our friend Lori and her dream to open a bakery:

“I am a special education teacher that loves to bake and share my creations with friends and family. My love has grown over the last few years and would love to make my dream come true and open my own bakery some day. If I put my mind to it…I know I would succeed!”

What If I Opened A Bakery
Lori, we hope that you’re one step closer to opening that bakery and, if this provides any motivation then we’ve done our job. Because we believe that life is about having the audacity and guts to go for it, no matter the consequences.

The next image was inspired by our friend @jjsalens and his dream to open his own bookstore:

What If I open My Own Bookstore

“I’d love to start my own book store, bringing back the magic of walking through the aisles, thumbing the pages. Perhaps a small gathering area for people to sit, enjoy a read or have a discussion.”

Jesse, we hope that you’re one step closer to opening a bookstore and truly answering your ‘what if!’

The next image was inspired by @egrevel37 and her dream to run 2019 miles this year:

What If I was Able to Run 2019 Miles This Year
“I used to be the girl that wouldn’t hesitate to crush a bag of pizza rolls and wash said delicacies down with a 6 pack of some really mediocre light beer. Ahh yes, welcome to your 20’s, Emily. In the post grad life, I found my waistline expanding, and my self-worth slowly dwindling – not a superb combo for someone who’s just on the cusp of her first experience in the “adult world”. It wasn’t until my doctor made a subtle comment about my weight, that I realized I needed to change. 1 year later, I’ve completely transformed who I am. A lot of hard work went into kickboxing, boot camp workouts, and long nights at the gym to lose 40 pounds, kick the pizza roll habit, and develop a much more refined taste for beer that doesn’t make you question every life choice you’ve ever made. I’m at a point in my life now that I never thought I’d see… happy, healthy, and eager to crush more goals. So what’s next? 9 months ago I couldn’t tackle even 20 minutes in the treadmill. Now I’m at a point where I’m always looking for a new challenge. This year in particular, I want to run 2019 miles. This comes as a surprise to some given that I have the knees of an 80-year-old woman, and a hatred for running that matches the hatred experienced when you have to choose between two mediocre domestic drafts at a dive bar that hasn’t caught on to the craft beer scene. 2019 miles this year would be an awesome feat – another gesture toward showing others that anything is possible, and a worthy life lesson to all of those that have ever told someone from the beginning that they couldn’t accomplish a goal. One week into 2019, and I already have 40 miles out of the way. I can’t wait for the journey ahead. Cheers to those who continually chase their dreams (both literally and figuratively).”

Emily, we hope that you’re one mile closer to reaching that 2019 mile goal and know that we’re here rooting you on.

Next up, we created an image inspired by our friend @mittenbeergirl and her dream to quit the healthcare field and skydive full time:

What If I Skydive Full-Time
“My husband owns a skydiving business in Allegan. I want to step away from my career in health care and focus on doing something that makes people happy. Along the way, continue focusing on my place promoting the Michigan beer industry through my writing and media presence.”

Emily, If you want to skydive full time we support you! Because we know at the end of the day, it’s all about what makes you happy.

Next up, we created an image inspired by our friend Gregory C.’s dream to play and win the World Series of Poker:

What If spelled out in beer caps
“As an avid Poker player, I have always wanted to play at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. The main event has an entry fee of $10,000. That makes it difficult for a poor artist like myself. There are smaller events from $500 to $1500 this year, which are a little closer in reach. WHAT IF… I was able to fly out and compete with some of the best in the world? Who knows…”

Gregory, save up that money and chase your poker-playing dreams! Because we know where there’s a will, there’s a way.

The next image created from your ‘What if’ submissions was inspired by our friend Fred S. and his dream to train to become a distiller:

What If I Trained to Become a Distiller
“Currently I am working as the National Brand Ambassador for Dancing Goat Distillery. I would love to have a ton more knowledge in distillation. I wish to be more educated and grounded in the industry. Internships, classes, seminars etc are what I need/crave.”

Fred, when we opened Founders in 1997, we were far from knowing all the answers but were intent on figuring them out ourselves. Sounds like you have the same idea. Spirits are growing and we think there’s no better time to jump in – do it!

Next up, we created an image inspired by our friend @atkinsdaand his dream for his family to quit their jobs and take their kids on a three-month road trip this summer:

What If We Quit It All & Took Our Kids On A Long Road Trip
“Next year we hit 40. Our kids are turning 8, 7 and 2 this year. We work full time jobs that can drive us crazy and make us cranky and that’s not fair or fun for anyone. Our kids never get a real summer vacation because they just go to “camp” at school while we work. My wife and I have done Glacier, Yellowstone and Tetons and would love to see more and bring that wonder to our kids. What a true summer vacation for us all to do for our perspective on what’s important and what’s not?”

Derek, we fully support your dream to take your family on a three-month road trip! Because we know those memories will stay with all of you for the rest of your lives, nothing can top that.

The next image created from your ‘what if’ submissions was inspired by our friend @pattiem11 and her dream to sail around the world:

“Some days I want to “sell it all”, buy a boat and explore the world by water.”
What If We Sailed Around the World
Don’t we all, Patricia, don’t we all. Just know if you decide to sell it all and sail the world, we’re 100% behind you. In fact, that was a dream of our Co-Founder, Mike Stevens, as well! Sometimes, he wonders how different his life would’ve been had it been sailing and not the brewery (no regrets either way).

What’s more inspirational than coffee AND plants? Not much. We created this next image inspired by @elicecil and her dream to open a coffee/plant shop:
What If I Started My Own Coffee Plant Shop Real
“I’ve wanted to have a coffee business since the time I worked in coffee, and I love growing plants and spreading the joy and love of them. Making a coffee/plant shop would be a dream come true for me.”

Eli, we hope that your dream of opening your own shop is soon a reality! People need their caffeine fix and plants only sweeten the deal – a win-win.

Most of us can identify with having a strong love of music. But making a life out of it? That’s a commitment. Our next image was inspired by our friend, Rick, and his dream of starting his own independent record label:

“I’ve always had a passion for music. I’ve also always wanted to start my own business. The idea of bringing both of these worlds together to release music that I enjoy, while helping aspiring artists out along the way, is something that has always seemed rewarding. It may just be a labor of love but at the end of the day the music lives on forever and being a part of something original motivates me. Music has also helped me throughout life, ups, downs and all around – to be able to bring something to other people who may have a similar connection to music would be the ultimate reward.”

What If I started My Own Independent Record LabelRick, we’re big believers in following your passion, especially when that passion can help others in such a profound way. Get after this label – we can’t wait to hear what you come up with.

Sorry for making you drool so early in the morning. This next image was inspired by our friend, Matt S. and his dream to start the best damn BBQ and craft beer emporium.

“I am extremely good at what I do but I want to do what makes me happy. That means making some mean BBQ, brewing, and exposing people to things they didn’t know they liked… yet. I’m at the end of what I “have to do” and looking to do what I want to do.”

What If I Started A BBQ Craft Beer Emporium
The time is now to do what you want to do, Matt. Also, we really want to try your BBQ. We can’t wait to see what you turn it into! 


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